March 13th, 2007

peter's sassy research

I'm not dead! (Yet.)

I miss writing fic that can be finished and posted within a day. It's so satisfying, although these long exchange fics are cool too. On that note, I finished my Spring Fluff yesterday!! I'll probably need an extension just to work up the courage to hit the 'send' button. So pathetic.

Yesterday I was walking into school, which means I have to go past these construction areas by the building, right. There are a couple of fenced-in lots there, and I walk by them every day. Yesterday, though, I finally realized what they were. Tennis courts. Old, abandoned tennis courts. There are no nets on them, just the seven lines to tell you what they'd once been , in their glory days. I fell over while trying to flail squeebily and cry at the same time, and was asked by two guys and an old lady whether I was all right. I couldn't answer coherently. I think I'm lucky they didn't call an ambulance.

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