April 8th, 2007

peter's sassy research

Time for bullet points!

Um, only not really bullet points since I forget the html for them. Oh well, I'll use spades instead.

♠ I'm not dead. My computer is, though, which is making my life so very difficult and reliant upon my brother's (nonexistent) charity. If I'm not around and commenting and posting fics, that's why.

♠ How have I never heard of slashfest before?! I stumbled upon it yesterday and promptly claimed two requests. One of them is Petshop of Horrors, which sends me into spasms of glee. I still love my old fandom. ♥ I was tempted to take the HP/PSoH crossover, too, but that would be going back two fandoms, depending on how you count it. If it doesn't get taken I might consider it later on. I also snagged an Atobe/Fuji/Ryoma request. *___*

spring_fluff is awesome so far! So far for me means, er, one fic, which I've been reading in paragraph-sized increments whenever I can snag the time. All the fics sound good though! You know, for a while I was wishing that the fic I wrote for it could just be emailed to its recipient so that no one else could read it. Now I've stopped wishing that. Mostly.

♠ Must watch the rest of Nobuta and start watching that Aki...something@Deep thing. snowym, among other people, has been pestering me about this stuff for ages. XD I think that I'm missing out, not watching all these Japanese TV shows.

♠ I've started writing a lot of original stuff. I can't decide whether this is a good thing or a bad thing, because it means that my mother will make me try to publish them, and will lead to inevitable rejection. I handle rejection pretty well most of the time, but I think rejection of my original stories will be harder. So... yeah. I only mention this because I might post some of those stories here sometime and I'll want honest opinions on them, if you're so inclined to give them. Um. Yes.

♠ Happy (late) Easter, everyone! I hope you guys all got candy and stuff, if you wanted it. I like the fact that I'm twenty, and my mother still gives me an Easter basket. ♥ She's cool like that.