April 30th, 2007

peter's sassy research

Horses. Discuss.

It's been forever since I've been around horses, and it's also been forever since I've had a conversation about horses. HOWEVER, the very last horsey conversation I did have was with zoesque, I believe, right here on LJ. I've also chatted about horses with some other people on my f-list. Therefore, I know that some of you are horse people.

Talk about horses with me on this post.

Please. I implore you. I am suffering from horse withdrawal. Ask me questions, tell me horse stories, ask for horse stories, give me horse picspam, talk about Breyers/model horses in general, ask me for pictures of my Breyers by breed or color or something, whatever you feel like doing. But so help me, if you mention that...that guy with the pony, I will have a coronary.
peter's sassy research

Ficlet: Craving

Sorry for the spam, but I'm hyped up on espresso right now. I can't really be held accountable for any of this. *shifty eyes*

Craving, by kishmet. Akazawa/Kaneda, PG, 1480 words. From feuillu's prompt: ketchup and french fries. I've been trying to write this pairing for eons, and, um... I think I still fail. Oh well.

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