May 4th, 2007

peter's sassy research

TezuRyo Ficlet (?)

Hm. Somehow, today I got signed up to give a speech promoting 4-H in front of our county board on Tuesday morning. This ought to be interesting. They're thinking about cutting funding for the 4-H program, and I'm supposed to convince them to vote to keep us. If they don't, 4-H will be eliminated entirely from our county. Ay yi yi. They always ask me to do this stuff, and I can't think why. (I have my World Religions final on that day, too. Dying.)

In other news, I seem to be incapable of finishing anything that isn't a Tezuka/Ryoma ficlet nowadays. *headdesk* This one isn't even a ficlet, just a series of random "interview transcripts" that kind of tell a story.

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