May 18th, 2007

peter's sassy research

TezuRyo ficlet, AIM, birthday

I've got a new AIM screen name! It's buchouandochibi, because I'm a dork and it reminds me of "Buchou and Ochibi, sittin' in a tree..." I scorned the use of AIM for a long time since the old version refused to work on my computer, but now I have it again and it seems to be working fine!

Also, happy birthday pixxers!! If you want a ficlet (any pairing!) or some really horrendous stick figure fanart or something, just let me know, okay? XD

Lastly, a ficlet that was inspired by the way Ryoma always looks so out of it in the morning in the show. He's so cute. ♥ TezuRyo, rated G, 1300 words.

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