May 25th, 2007

peter's sassy research

but where's the rum gone?

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Edit: Oh yeah, and I accidentally spoiled someone for HP 6 today. I didn't mean to! We were walking past the people in line for the midnight showing of Pirates, and I was saying how hilarious it would be to yell spoilers at them, and my mother was laughing and saying how unfunny and mean that would be. So then I said I'd yell how (censored) killed (censored) in HP 6 instead, and my sister's friend was like "omg whut?"

But she doesn't read the books anyway, just watches the movies, so god only knows. They might have Dobby kill... whoever, instead, and then my sister's friend will think I'm a liar. XD That would be awesome, kind of.
peter's sassy research


Because I fail so hard at writing the longer fics on my other drabble meme (though I'm getting to them! One a month, or one every two months, or something...), I decided to post this one in addition. With this, those of you who request might actually see your requests written within my lifetime, or at least within the span of your interest in fandom! :D;;

Give me a character/pairing and a prompt/scenario, and I will write you one sentence of fic.

Anybody from Tenipuri is fair game! I've got an entire free evening, so anyone commenting tonight is almost guaranteed to get theirs by the time the day is through!

Yes, I am just trying to entertain myself tonight. >.>;; At least the meme is productive, right?