June 11th, 2007

peter's sassy research


So. hikaridonya's birthday is on June 13th, and she's not doing anything to celebrate. I've been insisting that she should, given that birthdays come around only once a year; she's been telling me that it's not a big deal. She also seems to think that no one else cares as much about birthdays as I do.

I do have her permission to make this post (I have proof!), but she can't see the post. At least, not yet. *grins* I'm sort of hoping that those of you who know Donya will leave a comment for her on here, thus proving that, indeed, I'm not the only one who cares about birthdays. You don't have to write/draw/think of anything clever, but if you do, she likes AtoRyo (erm, obviously), AtoTezuRyo, TezuRyo (though not to the extent I do, I don't think XD), but especially AtoRyo. Even if you don't know her very well, even if you've just read her fics or something, leave a comment! I'll unlock this entry and link her to it on her actual birthday. I've even written myself a post-it note so I'll remember to do that... XD;

We've made a wager, actually, that there won't be five other people who care about her birthday. I'm rather hoping to win, and at the same time get Donya some nice birthday wishes. *whistles innocently* What?