June 30th, 2007

peter's sassy research

Fic link, plus comm pimp, plus... stuff...

These last few weeks have been crazy. Every time I thought I'd have some free time, somebody came up with something for me to do. XD This isn't necessarily a bad thing, but, y'know, I was supposed to be finishing my slashfest claims...

Which I did. :D One of them, anyway. My reasoning for finishing the Petshop of Horrors one first was that I know thesilentsenshi (who made my other request), she's on my flist, so she'll see the fic even if I post it a few days late. Still, I'm so so sorry for not finishing in time! The Atobe/Fuji/Ryoma one is soooo close to done as well, so close, in fact, that if I hadn't procrastinated for so long, it would be done. Erm, anyway, the link to the finished one. Leon/D, kind of long but pretty simple anyway.

Also, if you haven't yet, go join icanhaztenis!! It's a Tenipuri macro community created by the lovely, brilliant zoesque and, um, me. Tenipuri fans that most of you are, you can't deny that Prince of Tennis begs, no, demands to be macroed, and frequently. Make me a "_____ demands an explanation for this bullshit" macro and I will love you forever.

Pictures of my stuff will be up shortly, too! I have most of the pictures, I just have to wait on a couple things so I can post everything together. XD You guys made some awesome pic requests, I have to say. ♥!

(Disclaimer: I woke up at six in the morning today, so if this is incoherent you have the management's [er, the management being me] sincerest apologies.