July 4th, 2007

peter's sassy research

Fic: Moment

Well, there's going to be a lot of TezuRyo coming up, because I've got quite the backlog of fics for them. @_@ There'll be some Yukimura/Sanada in there, and some Golden Pair, but... mostly TezuRyo, darn them.

Moment, by kishmet. AU, Tezuka/Ryoma, PG(-13ish?), 4000 words. Written in like two crazed hours for pillarchallenge's latest prompt, which means, of course, that this is a modeling AU. There's more to this fic, probably, just like there's still more to my AU Japanese idol!Ryoma FujiRyo fic, but goodness only knows if the rest will ever be written. If there is, it will include catwalks and Tezuka's uber-dramatic back story! Er, yeah.

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