July 11th, 2007

peter's sassy research

HP5, the musical! Oh. It wasn't. Damn.

For some reason, what stood out to me most in this movie was SNAPE.

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In conclusion, SNARRY. I mean, TWINCEST. I mean SNAPE. Yes.

...all right, to be honest I don't remember as much of the movie as I'd like, because my PURSE WAS STOLEN. ;_; So my mom, my sister and I went at like 4am to file a police report, and the chances of me ever seeing it again are really really low. I should be more concerned about, say, the $60 that were in there (which I am, sort of, since I'm saving up for AX next year) or my car keys or my driver's license.

Unfortunately, my Tezuka and Ryoma mechanical pencils were in there too, as well as my Ryoma keychain. I JUST got them at ACen this year, so I'm pretty sad about those, especially since whoever took the purse will probably take the money and throw the rest away. I HATE THAT. I feel like putting up reward posters going, "Okay, you can keep the money, but please give my OTP pencils back. ;_; Please. ;_; Without them I'll fail my test tonight." Waaah.