September 3rd, 2007

peter's sassy research

dragones y otras cosas interesantes (or not)

Eeee I'm so excited I finally have good dragon pictures!

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Please note that I still don't have a good camera. :| These pictures were taken by Donya and Zoe, the respective owners of Dream and Kei-chan. My camera is, in fact, still made of massive fail.

Also I fail at finishing anything that even resembles fic these days, partially because of my exchange assignments (both of which I love like crazy ♥), partially because of Subrosa (about which I have... no comment), partially because of school, and partially because I suck. Okay, mostly because I suck. In any case, have a ficlet thing and tell me if I should try finishing it or not. I might be posting a lot of fic snippets for awhile, since that's all I freaking have. XD

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