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when the gales of November come early
13 October 2007 @ 01:00 pm
Hey, you guys! Today I'm sleepy and sick with a cold, and I've got piles of homework to do later, when I'm no longer curled up under a blanket trying not to fall asleep. BUT! You know what would make all of this better? Some TezuRyo love!

Even though TezuRyo fandom has been comparatively slow lately, the fics that are being written are awesome! So is it any wonder that I want more of them? This is why I have decided to host:

A Tezuka/Ryoma Drabblememe!

Whether you've ever written them before or not, give it a go! Reply to this post with any kind of drabble whatsoever: angst, humor, drama, fluff, gen (as long as it's Tezuka and Ryoma!), threesomes (yes, I want to see Power Trio, AtoTezuRyo, whatever you like!), AU... anything. If you're not in the mood to write, then post a prompt you'd like to see written by somebody else, and see if anyone takes you up on it! And if you're not in the mood to post a prompt, just post something you love about TezuRyo! Screencaps, fanart, meta, anything. Who knows, maybe someone else will be inspired to drabble by it!

For the purpose of this meme, by the way, I'm defining 'drabble' very loosely. One line, two sentences, one paragraph, one hundred, five hundred, fifteen hundred words, anything! I want to read anything and everything you're willing to throw my way. Anonymous commenting is on, so if you're too shy to post under your LJ name, go ahead and write anonymously! But be prepared in case everyone starts begging you to write more, Anon-san. ;)

Come on. Humor a poor, sick Kish by drabbling her some TezuRyo. (Yes, that's a shameless bid for sympathy in the form of TezuRyo. Is it working? :D) Since I'll be home all day, I'll be participating too!

Addendum:Collapse )

The meme will be open until midnight on Sunday TEZURYO DRABBLEMEME WEEK, GUYS! And in case you'd like any more inspiration...Collapse )
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