November 17th, 2007

peter's sassy research

Cards for the holidays~ Tralala~

Don't be put off by my icon. Sharkily Akaya is thrilled to be sending out cards, that's all. :D

Poll #1090399 It's that time of the year again!

Do you want a holiday-type card from me?

what kind of crack are you snorting?
other; see comments, where I will explain this unconventional answer.

Name and address? (Separate new lines with //, or I'll probably write your address wrong...)

(Optional) Pairing/character and prompt for a drabble in your card?

Standard spiel: even if we don't talk very often, even if you never ever comment in my journal, even if you never read my journal (though how you'd be reading this entry in that case is anyone's guess), ask for a card if you want one! Oh, and if I already have your address, you're getting a card by default. ;P

(Also, comments will be screened, on the off chance that your 'other' reply is mortifying and/or should be private.)