December 31st, 2007

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Thank yous + Fic

Happy New Year, you guys! Expect some links and recs at a later date (BECAUSE OH MY GOD MY EXCHANGE FICS a;dlkfjg) but for the moment, thank you so much to disutansu for the letters (I'm sorry I didn't let you know we got them yet, Helen! Mom didn't check the piled-up mail until today), crocoduck, nailfile, and pharrezychica for the cards, aiwritingfic for the postcard, candy_marie_55 for the card and bookmark (I've been using it in all my Christmas books! ♥), and thank you, thank you, thank you so much to rasengan_gurl02 for the adorable angel bear and for your continuing correspondence! Every time I get a piece of mail from you, it brightens my day so much. ♥ :)

I think I'm missing someone on that list, so if you sent me a card and I forgot, um, first slap me, and then tell me to edit this post! Edit: And thank you kidouche for the card sdflkjg ♥! In the meantime, a ficlet for New Year's Eve. Hope you guys are having a good one. ♥

Five resolutions made and broken by Momoshiro Takeshi, by kishmet. MomoKai, PG, humor/general idiocy.

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