January 3rd, 2008

peter's sassy research

Recs and One-sentence drabblememe!


Pie of Love, fic for me from christmas_cacti. Tezuka brings Fuji home to meet his family. SO FREAKING HILARIOUS. At one point, Fuji's hot Cuban boyfriend Rico is mentioned. That should be enticement enough for anyone.

For His Favour, fic for me from santa_smex. skldjfg;ka whoever wrote this hit so, so many of my kinks. I can't imagine that it's not someone who knows me, with the amount of perfectly-tailored . Just. FENCING. HILARITY. HOTNESS. I still can't be very coherent about it, I'm afraid. s;dlkfj

A Drop in the Pulse of a Long Slow River, by zoesque. Oshitari/Atobe bathtub sex, but so much more than that, too. This has such a nice, languid, watery feel to it, and the artistic references cause me to squee muchly.

Siren Song illustration by karadin (linked from the post so that you can return there and leave nice comments, if you like). Eeee, I always love fanart done for my fics, and this is gorgeous. For those of you who may not have read it, Siren Song is Atobe/Ryoma, with Ryoma as a merboy and Atobe as a human, and sd;lkfjg Go look, go look! I love the art style of this sketch, and Atobe and Ryoma are both so hot.

Now that I've thrown links at you, I will also throw something else: Sudden Random Attack of the One-Sentence Drabblememe DonyaKaorithyZoememe! I did have another of these, and I finished most of the prompts on that one, but today I'm fidgety and bouncy and I feel like doing another one! This time, however, it comes with a disclaimer. I can only guarantee that prompts given to me today will be written for within any reasonable length of time (i.e. before I go to bed tonight, or, um, slightly longer considering the sheer unexpected volume of requests! :D;;), so um. Limited time only! One-sentence requests, get 'em while they're hot! Er. :D?