January 29th, 2008

peter's sassy research

Comm pimpage and drabblyness!

I know that some of you already have, but if you haven't, then:

Join meganebucks. :D

meganebucks is a new Oshitari/Atobe challenge community run by zoesque and myself, so you just know it's going to be crazy fun times, or at least crazy. Our inaugural prompt is "refrigerators," and we've already got four fantastic drabbles posted for it! Go read the drabbles, and then join, comment, and post your own! (You don't have to, but are highly encouraged to do so. And by "highly encouraged," I mean that Zoe and I will cry if you don't. No, really.)

Also, I wrote a drabble for it today. Love In Cold Places, in which Atobe faces down his twin nemeses: Oshitari, and refrigerator magnets. Thank you, Zoe, for the lameass title. <3