March 1st, 2008

peter's sassy research

Fic: Greatest (plus comm pimping)

I'd talk about the ending of Tenipuri, but all I care about is Kaidoh-buchou, ahaha. Oh Kaidoh. You deserve the captaincy. ♥

First thing: join cactuscontinuum, the new Tezuka/Fuji request-claim challenge community run by myself and daisy_chan! It's similar to slashfest, but it's all TezuFuji, all the time. The first request period runs from today (March 1st) until March 11th, so make sure to read the rules and get your requests in!

Now, fic. Greatest, by kishmet. Yukimura/Rikkai, gen with possible Yanagi/Yukimura and Sanada/Yukimura bias. Yukimura character study. I know I've probably alienated all the Rikkai fans on my flist (;_;), but if it makes any difference, I despised TezuRyo until I started writing it. In much the same way, I found myself warming to Yukimura while writing this fic. :-?

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