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when the gales of November come early
Well, I was thinking of going to Terminus in August, but as it turns out, I'm going to the UK instead (sdfk;jsdklf;ad;gjklf OH MY GOD), and while it was difficult deciding which to do, it, um, wasn't. SO. Since I'm not going to Terminus, I am going to ACen. My question is, are any of y'all going to be there? I'm not looking for roomies or anything, since I live about twenty minutes from the convention center, but it's always nice to hang out with people, or at least to be on the lookout for them. So, any takers? :D

Also, if you come to ACen you must attend the fanfiction panel, as I am going to be a panelist for it and we may end up discussing Minesweeper porn. (Come to the yaoi and yuri panels too; I wouldn't miss those ones for the world.)

I love writing "Five Things," especially recockulous ones like these. Five things Atobe Keigo has never had in his closet. Atobe/Oshitari, PG-13ish, for zoesque, who sucks a lot. ♥

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