May 4th, 2008

peter's sassy research

I am a dork.

I love Donya, and sometimes I just can't help posting about it.

She is the most beautiful, wonderful, amazing, clever, artistic, talented girl I know. She's fun and funny and she makes me laugh, smile, giggle just about every time I talk to her. She makes me smile, for sure, each and every time I see her IM window pop up, or I hear her say "Hello" on Skype, or I wake up or come home to an email from her in my Gmail inbox. She's gorgeous when she smiles, or blushes, or laughs, when she blows kisses or when she's calling me a dork or when she's making a Phoenix Wright-esque objection to the creation of this post. She's gorgeous when she's telling me something about herself I didn't know, she's gorgeous when she surprises me with how perceptive she is, she's gorgeous with her hair curly or straightened, with or without glasses, she's gorgeous in every single cosplay wig I've ever seen her wearing.

You know what? She's always gorgeous.

Hey, Donya. I love you. Thank you for letting me learn that I just might not grow up to be that lady who lives alone with a million cats. Instead, I shall live with a million cats and the most incredible girl on the planet.

Love you.