May 27th, 2008

peter's sassy research

The democratic process is important! And have a drabble.

Go read the candidates' positions, and then GO VOTE for your LiveJournal User Representative. Skip over to fandom_votes (not fandom_counts >_>) to see who's endorsed by fandom, for fandom, etc. Also, bear in mind that the poll numbers are misleading; runoff voting means that the second and third choices do count, if one candidate doesn't wind up with a certain percentage of the first choice votes. (Also also, don't give trollish candidates the benefit of the doubt. Well, you can, but like me you'll probably end up concluding that they're sort of jerks.)

How I wish we had a fandom candidate for president of the United States. (And no, Obama doesn't count simply because he's gained a fandom-like following. Gosh.)

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