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when the gales of November come early
Hi guys, I'm not dead! :D :D :D Actually, I've been working at the County Fair for the last week, and also getting ready for my trip to the UK (LESS THAN TWO WEEKS NOW, OH MY GOD); I apologize in advance for the shrieking, incoherent posts that will undoubtedly be made while I'm there, if I have the time to do so and the inclination to stop staring blissfully at certain people for long enough to type out an LJ entry.

In the meantime, a meme! Tagged by cinoberis. Better late than never for this, I suppose.

1. List up to 20 (or more?) characters.
2. Ask your friends to comment to this post with questions directed to the listed characters.
3. Reply to your friends' questions in character inside your own "head canon."

The list!Collapse )

Incidentally, if you want to you can request a reply from one of these characters from any of my AU fics, so your question(s) would be answered in-character from that 'verse. If you don't specify, your replies will come from canonverse. :D