September 5th, 2008

peter's sassy research

Original fiction commissions?

If I started offering original fic commissions, would any of you be interested? I've been writing nonfiction online articles for for a few weeks now, but that type of freelancing is a bit... unsatisfying, I guess? So hikaridonya suggested that I should write this feeler post and find out whether I could make the same kind of money doing something I actually enjoy.

Prices aren't set in stone. I want to know whether they seem reasonable, exorbitant, whatever. Basically, I was thinking:
100 words - $1
500 words - $2
1000 words - $5
Every 1000 words above the first thousand - $5

Um, the prices might seem kind of random, but I have my own logic behind them. 500 word ficlets are the easiest for me to write, followed by 1000 words and up, and then 100 word drabbles. I won't do fanfiction commissions, because while I feel okay writing in someone else's universe for charity, making a profit from it seems kind of morally reprehensible.

Sometimes I wish I had a slightly more marketable talent. >.>