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when the gales of November come early
16 September 2008 @ 08:14 pm
My LJ layout, profile layout, title, and subtitle now please me greatly. :D These ones are sticking around for awhile, no doubt. They are ridiculously colourful. Even the inside of the comment box is colourful! Eeeee. I was looking for a layout to match my backpack, which is pink with darker pink stars (I'm quite fond of stars these days), and this is close. Star-shaped flowers!

Also, join the comm Zoe actually created when I thought she was kidding. gongshowtime! Not much there yet, but it's basically a comm where I (or anyone) can post their ridiculous conversations with zoesque. My current project for the community is finding each and every time Zoe told me she'd made a new Atobe icon, and compiling these quotes into one post. It's going to be beautiful. Meanwhile, ficlet time.

Floral Analysis, by kishmet. Atobe/Ryoma, PG, 700 words. In which Shishido is very annoyed. Written for hikaridonya a few days ago, when I should have posted this.

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