July 6th, 2009


Bit of trip rambling

Wow, did that vacation ever pass by quickly.

Yes, hi everyone, I've been on vacation with the bratlike and adorable hikaridonya! Ahaha. I always update my LJ with the most important details of my life, by which I mean I never update ever. Hrm, okay, moving on.

Florida was excellent. Disney is the most incredible tourist trap ever invented, and the funny thing is, the merchandise is actually good. Donya bought me an amazing jacket, with which I may challenge Adam Lambert to a jacket-off, whatever that means. If you go to Disney World, go on the Aerosmith coaster, by the way. It's fabulous. Donya and I went on it, oh jeez, a zillion times. By the last time, when the souvenir photo shot went off we both wore very "ho-hum" expressions, which cracked us up a bit when we saw them.

Universal was maybe even better, but Don and I are biased because we love roller coasters. We went on the Hulk coaster four times, I think? Most times we just walked right on, though when we went the next day it broke down while we were in line, meaning that we stood there for a couple hours. I recommend it highly, though, as well as the Dueling Dragons, which was probably my favorite ride of the whole trip. Oh no, wait, It's A Small World was the best.

We came back to Chicago for a week, and that went by even faster as Donya met my family, a few friends, and saw some tourist-type destinations in my lovely city. Donya just left today, meaning I cried on and off for an hour. Now I'm that much more determined to get over to the UK, though, where I'll be rooming with the lovely knw if all goes according to plan. Need a job now, so that's my next stop.

Incidentally, I'm in possession of a ticket to an American Idol concert (thank you again, Donya, for your aid in that). This means I get to see ADAM LAMBERT LIVE. I'm excited. So, what's going on with all you guys? Anything awesome, depressing, anything at all? Do tell!