June 17th, 2010

peter's sassy research

A multi-purpose entry

I'd better post this before I fall asleep on the keyboard... again. First and most essential, please click on my baby?
I'm especially excited because this looks like another twinny adoptable. ♥

On a related note, Happy Belated Birthday, MTT! Guys, if you click the adoptable, make sure to check out the site's animated header. They always have super cute ones. Oh, also, everything in this thread is making me happy, even in my feverish state.

Diverging slightly, thank you so much to everyone who nominated and voted for the Tokio Hotel Fan Fiction Awards. Never Never and Code 483 were both runners-up to some fantastic fics! I'm so pleased with the results; congratulations to all you guys who won or were nominated, too. ♥

Lastly, and most randomly, this Pokemon quiz is pretty accurate, at least for me. I'm a Pokemon geek, okay.
I am Mew!