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when the gales of November come early
06 September 2010 @ 04:01 pm
I've been threatening to make a recs post for ages, and now I'm finally getting around to it!

Caring for Younger Twins by Paceus, who needs to write more twins. Forever. My favorite line: Bill is entirely in the crook of Tom's arm and that makes Tom inexplicably happy. And while you're at it, read Kissing it Better for some more sweet, sexy twins... and then bug her to write more.

Butterflies by Ghostie, an incredible fic that I've been beta reading at a snail's pace - if chapters are ever late being posted, it's my fault! Anyway, Ghostie has a particular knack for taking real life issues and situations and working them into gorgeous fics; this one is no exception, and it's possibly my favorite of hers.

And now a few from the kink meme:
The Librarian and Jaunt in the Stacks, both in this thread! That prompt was mine, and I was so pleased to get two rather complementary, hot-as-hell fics for it, one where Tom is the librarian, one where Bill is. ;) Read 'em both!

RUSH, in this thread. My prompt was Tom and Bill as strangers crowded together on the train/subway/bus/etc. and find that they're both getting turned on by it. Subtle rubbing and/or mutual handjobs ensue! The end result is sexier than I ever could have hoped for! *_*

With Me Tonight, in this thread. Not my prompt, but I loved the idea of a Tom/Bill military homecoming when I first read the idea, and anon did such a heartwrenching job with it. Watch the video, then read the fic. I guarantee you'll tear up.

Hands fic, in this thread here. I have this thing for hands, see, and fic where Bill makes Tom come just by touching and teasing at his hands? Nggghh.

There's obviously a bunch of other fics on the kink meme that are fantastic, but I think you guys know about most of those. :P FQF recs coming soon, once I've finished skipping through and reviewing all the ones posted so far!

LAMBERT CONCERT lk;sdfjgadotljaerkdgj;dfCollapse )

AND SO CONCLUDES MY DERANGED CONCERT RECAP. You guys have no. idea. how crazy I am going to sound once I finally make it to a TH show. Seriously.