September 20th, 2010

peter's sassy research

Distraction time

I've been thinking about making an entry like this for a while, and now I have the flu, so what better time for a bit of a distraction? I've been curious because people have so many different opinions on Bill and his masculinity and/or femininity, SO.

In a comment, post a) what is, in your opinion, the most feminine picture of Bill you can find and b) what is, in your opinion, the most masculine pic of Bill you can find. (Mine, by the way, are probably my Billita icon and the one I'm using on this post, respectively.) And then if you feel like it, do the same with pics of Tom!

P.S. This post is fueled by an inordinate amount of painkillers and cough suppressants. I disclaim all responsibility if it's completely incoherent.