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when the gales of November come early
02 October 2010 @ 04:29 pm
Nine LGBT teen suicides this September due to anti-gay bullying. There were probably more unreported, or at least not brought to the attention of the national media.

When kids are bullied, they can't necessarily see that life does get better. It's too easy to fall into the assumption that the rest of their lives are going to be this way. Bullying doesn't prepare kids for the future; it's not a natural part of life; it's not a good experience that will make them stronger. It just pushes them down, and some just can't bear it, especially those who, like LGBT kids, are exposed to such enormous, hideous amounts of condemnation.

I wrote Laying Claim as a fairy tale, because real life so rarely works out that way for queer kids. In real life, nine or more boys like Tom, who may have heard anti-gay slurs thrown around or at them every day, committed suicide in September. Please, if any of you can manage it, think about volunteering for an organization that helps kids who need it; I'm looking into helping at a nearby shelter.

Leaving you all with a couple of relevant video links: "A Child Is Listening" from Prayers For Bobby and Ellen DeGeneres speaks out against bullying.