November 3rd, 2010

peter's sassy research

Post-surgical stuffs

Sorry, am doped up right now, but I will try to be coherent.

Went in for surgery yesterday morning. I was having trouble for a long time because of ovarian cysts and maybe kidney issues, so now stuff should be better. Surgery went smoothly; three cysts taken out, endometriosis cauterized, prescribed faux-menopause so problems won't come back. Funny thing, too: doctor was surprised when he found out I was born with no right ovary. That's why they never could see it on ultrasound! I have cool pictures of my innards I might post if I feel like tmi-ing up the place.

Um, hm, and mom gave me L'Uomo Vogue today. She is wonderful and amazing, and so are all you guys. <333 So yeah, just so everyone knows, that's what's up.