December 4th, 2010

peter's sassy research

The Purple Dove Project - GO TIME!


I know most of you guys have already heard about this, and a lot of y'all in TH fandom are already involved (thank you thank you thank you!), but I figured I'd post here again because the offering posts are now live! You can offer fic, fanart, original art, icons, wallpapers, food, clothing, whatever. Anything, in any fandom, or non-fandom stuff! So far we're doing really well and we want it to keep going that way, so please, whether you're into Tokio Hotel or Prince of Tennis or Petshop of Horrors or Dresden Files or any fandom I've ever dabbled in, please consider participating!

You don't need to spend any money; just offer up the time and effort that goes into creating various kinds of art, fanworks, etc. And of course, if you do have some spare change lying around, we're going to have a lot of awesome things to bid on, too. ♥!