December 10th, 2010

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Academic sundries

Okay, so, all semester I've been writing position papers for my sociology course. A couple of them (the ones I whipped out in about half an hour each, of course) were received rather well by my professor, and since they're relevant to current events and the cause supported by thepurpledove, I figured I'd post them here.

One was broadly supposed to be on the topic of parenting; I chose to focus on the significance of parental acceptance and the fact that caretakers of children should be more concerned with the kids' well-being than with the way the outside world will perceive them. The other was on the topic of same-sex marriage; we were supposed to argue, generally, either for or against it. I was pretty obviously for it, so I concentrated on the need to use the term "marriage" for same-sex unions as well as opposite-sex ones. Hope at least a couple people enjoy these? And feel free to comment/debate/whatevs.

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