August 26th, 2011

peter's sassy research

Cosmetics review practice

Since I want to get into doing makeup reviews, I figured I'd start messing around with them on here and then maybe get a separate blog for them. Or maybe not. Anyway, I definitely buy/receive/get gifted enough makeup that some nifty reviews might be worthwhile. SO.

Today I'm going to babble (helpfully?) about Sephora's Kat Von D: Metal Orchestra palette.

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Which product should I review if I do another one of these?

Urban Decay's Book of Shadows III (UD<3NYC)
Sugarpill Cosmetics' Chromalust loose shadows (Darling&Goldilux)
Avon $8 neutrals palette
L'oreal's HiP Duo eyeshadows
Other (Explain in comments how the heck you know what makeup I own)

I didn't include my Fyrinnae shadows on this list because, as mentioned above, their site is closed to orders right now, and that would just be frustrating for everyone. If they open again, though, I really want to rave about their stuff.