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Drabble: Gift

Title: Gift
Author: Kish
Fandom: PoT
Pairing: Tachibana/Tezuka
Rating: G
101_kisses theme: #12, "impossible, stubborn"
Note: snowym poked me to finish typing this up. So here it is! Also because I have about 15 TachiTez drabbles/fics lying about, and I'd better get them up sometime *nodnod*

“What do you want for your birthday, Kunimitsu?”

Tezuka glanced up from the table where he was writing out a check for a credit card bill. “Nothing.”

Tachibana shook his head, a trace of a smile flickering across his features. “You said that last year.”

“It’s still true,” Tezuka replied, apparently disinterested, going back to his writing.

“I won’t accept that answer this time,” Tachibana persisted, rising from his seat to stand behind Tezuka’s chair. He settled his hands on Tezuka’s shoulders and started an impromptu massage.

Tezuka glanced up at him. “And if I don’t give you another answer?”

Tachibana, perfectly straight-faced, stated, “Then I’d do this.” He stopped his hands’ motions and leaned down to nibble ever-so-delicately along the edge of Tezuka’s ear.

“Hn,” said Tezuka, writing a number “4" with slightly more than the usual amount of effort.

“Stubborn,” Tachibana murmured, breathing the word lightly as he placed a kiss against Tezuka’s temple. He moved to kiss down Tezuka’s cheek, then along his jaw and the curve of his neck. “Just tell me what you want.”

Even Tezuka was having a difficult time resisting this. His pen wavered for a moment, drawing a line he didn’t mean to before he steadied it. “Hn,” he repeated, a little lower than before. He turned his head to look at Tachibana again.

Tezuka’s lips were immediately caught by his partner’s. They kissed for some time, slow and sweet, Tezuka’s check forgotten, for the moment, on the table. Then Tachibana pulled back just a few centimeters and said, “So what should I get for your birthday?”

Tezuka turned sideways in his chair, and smiled a small, ironic half smile. One hand went up to the back of Tachibana’s neck to pull him closer again, so that their foreheads rested together. “Have you ever considered,” he said softly, “that you have already given me what I want?”

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