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3 TachiTez Drabbles

Three more TachiTez drabbles! I've become addicted to writing random moments in the adult lives of these two *laughs* So, Trinity, good enough that you'll draw more for me? XP just kidding! And everyone else, I'll get some InuKai typed up tomorrow, I swear XD

Title: Sand Castle
Author: Kish
Fandom: PoT
Pairing: TachiTez
Rating: G
101_kisses theme: #70, "castles in the sand"

“We have to make a sand castle.”

Tezuka looked at his partner and raised an eyebrow. “Hm. Do we?” He’d been quite content to sit as they had been, just beyond the edge of the sand, with Tachibana’s arm around him. The weather was pleasant and mild, just as they’d hoped it would be for this trip.

“We are at the beach,” Tachibana pointed out with a smile. “It would be a waste if we didn’t build one.”

A hint of amusement flickered behind Tezuka’s eyes, and he didn’t quite disguise it completely. “Really.”

“Yes,” Tachibana affirmed, then stood and offered Tezuka his hand. Tezuka accepted the hand with a sideways look at the other, as though not entirely sure if Tachibana was serious or teasing.

Hand-in-hand, they walked over the sandy beach. A light breeze played through Tachibana’s long blonde mane and Tezuka’s shorter brunette hair.

They reached the damp sand and Tachibana knelt, pulling Tezuka gently with him. “I confess,” Tezuka stated, glancing at his partner, “that I’ve never done this before.”

“Then what better time to start?” Tachibana asked with a laugh that wasn’t heard so much as seen and felt.

They made a strange picture, two grown men in designer leather sandals and the beige-toned shorts and t-shirts that clearly indicated that they were men of business, and certainly not native to the area. They sculpted their sand castle together, with a few playful disagreements in regards to architecture. After adding several finishing touches, they stood back to admire their work.

“Your first sand castle,” Tachibana said, raising Tezuka’s hand, in his own, to press a kiss against the other’s knuckles. “What do you think?”

It wasn’t the finest sand castle ever created. If looked at with a critical eye, it was fairly formless and childish, molded without the aid of tools such as buckets and shovels. A piece of driftwood had been placed in the top turret (“A flag,” Tachibana had explained), and it looked ready to fall over at any minute. The castle would almost surely be completely washed away with the next wave to hit it.

And standing there at the ocean’s edge, Tachibana’s hand firmly in his own, Tezuka looked at his partner and said, “It’s perfect.”

Title: Wife
Author: Kish
Fandom: Prince of Tennis
Pairing: TachiTez
Rating: G
101_kisses theme: #64, "mistranslation"
Note: This has happened to me once, only I was the idiot making the mistake XD

“And this is Tachibana-san’s wife, Tezuka Kunimitsu,” Tachibana’s American business associate explained to his own spouse, a lovely woman who was Japanese herself.

The woman coughed delicately, setting down her wine glass, and Tezuka did the same. Tachibana attempted to hide a smile. The man, earnest and trying very hard to speak proper Japanese, looked from one person to the others anxiously.

“Are you all right? The wine...or have I said something wrong?” he inquired, polite but worried.

There was silence for a few seconds as the man’s wife waited to see if their guests had been offended. Tezuka looked at Tachibana, turning his head imperceptibly so that he could see his partner out of the corner of his eye.

Tachibana raised one eyebrow just a fraction of a centimeter, asking in a language only Tezuka could understand, Should we tell him?

Tezuka considered for another half a second, then as inconspicuously as possible shook his head: No.

Tachibana smiled reassuringly at his associate, who obviously had no idea what was going on and was darting puzzled glances at his wife. “It was nothing,” Tachibana said smoothly. “The wine is just particularly good.”

“Oh, good!” the man replied, brightening. “Ah...so anyway, as I was saying, don’t they make a lovely couple?”

“They do,” his wife agreed, hiding all traces of her laughter admirably except for the sparkle in her eye. She leaned to kiss her husband fondly on the cheek, and he seemed confused as to why she had done so. He recovered quickly, however, and was soon chatting about the American stock exchange and the prices of electronics.

He never saw the look that passed between his two guests; an amused almost-smile that no one else would have recognized for what it was. “Wife” wasn’t exactly the right word...but it was close enough.

Title: Lullaby
Author: Kish
Fandom: PoT
Pairing: TachiTez
Rating: G
101_kisses theme: #68, "lullaby"

“Can’t sleep?”

Tachibana’s voice was low but a little startling in the dark silence of very early morning. Tezuka turned to look at him, blinking to bring the other’s face into focus; he wasn’t wearing his glasses. “No. I’m finding it difficult, tonight.”

Tachibana sat partway up, leaning his forearm on the pillow. His mid-length blonde hair fell over one of his eyes, and Tezuka reached to brush it away. Tachibana smiled his gratitude and tucked the strand behind his ear. “Would you like me to sing you a lullaby?” he asked.

“Certainly,” Tezuka said dryly, clearly doubting the sincerity of his partner’s offer. So it surprised him when Tachibana moved closer, laying his head down again so that they were sharing a pillow. Their faces very close, foreheads nearly together, Tachibana hummed a soft, slow song. It took Tezuka only a moment to recognize it as a traditional child’s lullaby.

Tachibana was good with a tune, and his voice was quiet and soothing but strong as well. Tezuka gazed into his partner’s eyes until the song was done. “Better?” Tachibana asked, a few seconds after the last note. The breath of his word mingled with Tezuka’s exhaling.

“Yes,” Tezuka murmured, closing the distance between them for a quick, sleepy kiss. Then, near and almost touching, they fell asleep together.


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