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Drabbles: Momo/Kamio, D/Leon, Yanagi/Inui, InuKai

Yay, my first batch of drabbles! ^__^ I'm not doing these in any particular order, just randomly as I'm inspired. And I'm not thinking of titles for these. So ha.

For: snowym
Pairing: MomoKamio (Prince of Tennis)
Word/Phrase: hotdog
Rating: PG

Momo grinned and took a huge bite of the hot dog, getting ketchup and relish on his face and leaving only about half of the entire thing. He chewed happily, then noticed Kamio watching him distastefully.

“Wanna bite?” he offered, a bit of the ketchup dripping onto his hand.

“That’s disgusting,” Kamio informed him, shaking his head.

“Well, whatever,” Momo shrugged, and prepared to consume the rest of his snack.

“Hey, I still wanted a bite, even if it is disgusting,” Kamio said quickly, before the rest of the hot dog could disappear.

“Fine.” Momo handed it over, and Kamio took a slightly smaller, more delicate bite; although “delicate” was only a relative term. He ended up eating only a quarter of the hot dog, as opposed to Momo’s half.

“You know that looks really sexy, right?” Momo commented with a roguish grin as Kamio finished his bite and licked any stray ketchup off of his lips.

“Shut up.”

For: joshua_glass
Pairing: D/Leon (Petshop of Horrors)
Word/Phrase: You're not selling what I want.
Rating: PG-13 ('cause Leon likes to curse XD)

“Are you sure you wouldn’t like a pet, Detective?” D’s voice was as melodious and seductive as ever. Leon tried to ignore the tone and failed miserably. “Perhaps just a fish for your apartment, now that Chris is gone?”

Leon shook his head disgustedly. “Yeah, I’m pretty sure I don’t want one of those. I’ve seen what your fish do to people, I’d have to be a helluva lot more fucked up than I am to want one of those.”

“Language, my dear detective,” D admonished, then his smile became almost predatory, “Then a dog, perhaps? Or a bird? What is it that you really want?”

Leon glanced at D, and the edges of his mouth quirked upwards in a lopsided grin. He took a quick step closer and suddenly caught the other by the wrist.

“Really, Detective!” D said, looking semi-outraged, but he silenced very quickly at the intense look in the other’s eyes. He raised an eyebrow, surprised. “Detective...?”

The expression on Leon’s face was something strange, something D had not often seen in him before. “You’re not selling what I want,” he said quietly. And with that, he released the other’s arm and turned away. He muttered something under his breath as he exited the shop, leaving D to muse, again, on the peculiarities of the human called Leon Orcot.

For: disutansu
Pairing: Renji/Inui (Prince of Tennis)
Word/Phrase: winter/snow
Rating: G

The snow is beautiful on the ground, shimmering beneath the middle-of-the-day sun. At the ice rink set up in the park, couples skate together, made blissfully unaware of the cold by one another’s presence. Icicles hang along the edge of each rooftop, and like natural prisms refract the sunlight into rainbows of color. Lovers take long walks together, admiring the enchanted scenery of this winter wonderland.

But there is one couple that is not admiring the beauty...at least, not in the same way as everyone else.

Inui Sadaharu and Yanagi Renji do not gasp over the dazzle of the sun on the snow. Rather, they calculate together how long it will take the snow to melt given likely changes of temperatures and predicted intensity of sunlight.

They do not go ice skating; instead they watch the other skaters and figure how long it will take a particular skater on a given course to reach the other end of the ice rink.

They do not stare at the icicles with awe and wonder. Rather, they conduct experiments involving the angles of light and attempt, later, to reproduce the icicles in laboratory conditions.

Many people might think that these two don’t see the romance of snowy days. But unbeknownst to those people, the data collectors also think snowy days are some of the most romantic of all.

For: zukkii
Pairing: Inui/Kaidoh (Prince of Tennis)
Word/Phrase: Swedish Fish
Rating: G

“Are Swedish Fish supposed to be that color, senpai?” Kaidoh asked, dubiously eyeing the green fish Inui was offering to him.

“Hm?” Inui inspected the piece of candy in his hand. “Certainly. What color are they intended to be, if not this?”

“Red, senpai?” Kaidoh asked cautiously.

“Hm. Red. Yes, I suppose so,” Inui admitted, studying the fish intently. “This recipe obviously did not yield the desired color result. I apologize, but they still taste quite good, if you want one.” He held out the fish to Kaidoh again.

“You...you made this?” Kaidoh asked, turning nearly the same shade of green as the fish. He was remembering the disasters with Inui’s homemade chocolate kisses, and with the...interesting...things that were supposed to be Skittles.

“Yes, I made it,” Inui nodded. “Next time I will alter the formula in order to obtain the correct color.”

“Next time, senpai,” Kaidoh sighed, “please just buy me candy from the store.”

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