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TachiTez drabblish thing, + idiocy XD

I think there should be a Tachibana/Tezuka revolution, honestly. I've been reading about the Thrill vs. Pillar thing, and I thought, you know what there's REALLY not enough of? TachiTez!!! There's more of it, thanks to trinityhelix, but I want more, dammit! And...that's all I really have to say. It's not as though I'm actually going to start a revolution, just talk about it XDDDD

And randomly, here is a nice, semi-pr0n'y drabble thing! The longer smutfic I'm writing is somehow inspiring like fifty other semi-pr0n things. It's corrupting me XP

Title: Untitled...how unimaginative of me XD
Author: Kish
Pairing: TachiTez
Theme: #85, "teaching" (look, I found a theme that fit! Sorta X3)
Rating: PG-13ish

He runs his fingers through Tachibana’s hair, that beautiful, long, touchable hair. His hand clenches, pulling, but not hard enough to cause anything but a good, pleasurable kind of pain. His eyes close, and then open again; he doesn’t want to miss the sight of this.

Tachibana groans, low in his throat, arching and leaning down to press hungry kisses against the underside of Tezuka’s jawbone. Tezuka writhes beneath him, reveling on the feeling of skin on skin all the way down their bodies. His muscular legs tighten around Tachibana’s hips, dragging him closer although they are already as close as it is possible to be.

Tezuka bites back a cry as Tachibana thrusts into him, and their lips meet in a kiss, a passionate one, and their tongues wrap over and under and around each other as they...


Tezuka’s eyes snapped open. He sat bolt upright immediately, seeing that all of his colleagues were staring at him. Some wore looks of concern, others wore looks of wonder, and others were clearly hiding their emotions behind studied masks of neutrality.

The same one who spoke his name first, a young man, said carefully, “You...you were moaning, Tezuka-san.”

Tezuka adjusted his glasses and moved his chair in more closely to the large conference table. “I apologize, most sincerely, to all of you,” he said, his tone more formal that was possible by most human standards.

This would definitely teach him never, ever to fall asleep during a meeting again.

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