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Some ranting, an InuKai drabble and...whatever else is in here

I'm bizarrely happy right now, despite the fact that my dear mother went into psychotically angry mode today. She's threatening to cancel our Shonen Jump subscription. Somebody stop her. Please.

No, I'm not clear on /why/ she's threatening this. I think it's because there's not much else that I care about that she can actually take, aside from, of course, the Internet. And possibly my phone privileges as well. She likes taking things away, although she never takes away my right to go to school, dammit.

But yes, despite this, I am in a good mood! I saw the new "The Prince and His Knight" fanart today, and I just about DIED. DIED, I tell you. I think I'll ask Trinity for permission to pimp her artwork at the end of the last chapter, because that stuff seriously deserves to be pimped.

Plus, I have $125 worth of Borders gift certificates (a book store, in case anyone doesn't know/doesn't have them in their area). Plus, again, I have my plane tickets to California now! I'm flying out there on the seventh of January, I believe, and I'm coming back on the fourteenth.

...oh crap, I hope that my mother doesn't think to take /that/ away. I would die, and not in a good way like with the fanart.

And, because Helen-senpai is back and I therefore felt very inspired to write InuKai, here is my third drabble for this round (hopefully/probably my last round) of the Drabble Deathmatch thinger! My thanks to SVZ as well, for being so highly inspiring with her gorgeous drabbles in this round. ♥

“How do I solve problem fourt- Ah!”

“Hm? What’s wrong, Kaidoh?”

“You just licked my ear!”

“Oh, that. My apologies. I was not aware that you would object.”


“You appear to be angry.”

“Of course not, senpai.”

“There is a 94% chance that was sarcasm just then, Kaidoh. That is most unlike you.”

“Will you please just help me to solve the problem, senpai?”

“Have you considered that perhaps licking your ear was a hint regarding the solution?”

“...I’ll just figure it out myself.”
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