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Fics, sorta.

I'm sick. I stayed up all night last night writing, not thinking that my writing would be influenced by my sick, tired-ness. So now, I'll post the two things I finished, simply to demonstrate my state of mind last night. I make no excuses for these shocking works of crack. They're unedited~! Don't read them~! Or read them, and be sorry.

Title: Virtual Reality
Author: Kish
Pairing: TachiTez
Rating: PG-13
Summary: Tezuka works for Kaiba Corporation! Wait, no he doesn't. But kind of.

“It’s a virtual reality gaming system,” the peppy blond girl explained brightly. “It’s a marvelous new technology, invented right here by our very own scientists!” She gestured at the machinery as though she was showing off a fine new car. Tachibana didn’t know about that; it looked basically like any other computer to him. A pile of metal, only this one came with electrodes that sent signals directly into your brain.

“That will be enough,” Tezuka said crisply, stopping the obviously canned tour in its tracks. The girl (who probably didn’t know a thing about the technology and had just been hired to sell the system to pervy old men) said cheerfully, “Yes, Tezuka-san!” and practically skipped away.

Tachibana quelled an urge to throw up and raised a skeptical eyebrow at Tezuka. Tezuka sighed, and shrugged. “We needed a face like hers for marketing purposes,” which confirmed Tachibana’s suspicions.

“As you were being told,” Tezuka went on, “this system is the latest achievement in gaming technology. Everything is seen, felt, heard, and even smelled and tasted by the player.”

“Hm,” said Tachibana, examining the console. He flicked it carefully with a finger.

“Kippei, that is thousands of dollars worth of equipment.”

“I was careful.”

“Anyway,” Tezuka continued. Tachibana decided not to sulk at the pointed ignoring of his last remark. Well, maybe he’d sulk a little. No one would ever know. “The player is also not limited as far as game choices. The system uses one of several pre-programmed scenarios, then uses details from the player’s experiences and desires to- Kippei?”

“I was listening,” Tachibana assured him distractedly. He pressed a button and a small green light came on with a beep. “So each game is different for each player, probably also depending on their mood at the moment, am I right?”

“Yes, exactly,” Tezuka agreed, looking mollified now that he’d been given a sensible response. Tachibana felt a little surge of triumph. Ha, no one could say he hadn’t been listening after that speech. Anyway, he was listening, it was just that the temptation to poke at strange electronic devices was too strong to resist. He supposed, in retrospect, that it had been a good idea to change his field of study from Engineering to Biology.

“I don’t know, it seems very expensive for what it is. Who on earth is going to pay that much?” The thing was just another gaming system, only fancier. Tachibana thought people spent too much time on those things already, never mind that his spouse created the things to earn a living.

“It’s worth it.” Tachibana looked up, startled. Had that been a smug purr just now? Was that a smirk? Well, if Tezuka was that sure, then Tachibana was damn well going to give the system a try.

“All right then,” Tachibana said, sitting himself down in the gaming chair before Tezuka could stop him. “It sounds interesting. Turn it on for me, please?”

“Kippei,” Tezuka said, his tone slightly-almost-maybe annoyed. “We’re still in the testing phase-”

Tezuka cut off at that point, because Tachibana had just given him that slow, I-own-your-heart-and-soul-and-you-know-it smile. “Fine, I’ll turn it on.” Tachibana grinned to himself. Again, he’d come out as the winner! He wouldn’t gloat, at least not out loud. Of course, it wasn’t as though Tezuka had ever had a fair chance of winning this one, but fair was best left to tennis.

“Now, I myself will be constantly monitoring your vital signs and brain wave patterns,” Tezuka informed him. “This is a precaution, to ensure that your body does not become overly stressed, and also so that I’m aware of what’s happening in your scenario.”

“I’m glad I’ll be in good hands,” Tachibana replied charmingly. Tezuka’s cool expression warmed by a few degrees. “Don’t you have to tape something to my head, or something along those lines?”

“No, that method is outdated and inconvenient,” Tezuka said, typing rapidly on a keyboard. “Just lean back in the chair; the electrodes are implanted in the headrest.”

“Oh, I see,” Tachibana said thoughtfully, doing as he’d been told. The chair was quite comfortable. It was shaped almost like a dentist’s chair, giving Tachibana room to stretch out.

The system made a fast string of clicks, whirrs, and beeps, then Tezuka announced calmly, “Immersion in three...two...one...” Tezuka’s voice and the room seemed to fade out of existence.

Tachibana could still feel his real body lying in the chair, but vaguely, as though the entire thing had fallen asleep. His awareness slowly coalesced into another “body,” this one standing upright and wearing a gray uniform that was almost, but not quite, completely uncomfortable. The first thing he noticed (after the uniform) was the viewscreen in front of him, which looked out into space. “It’s like Star Wars,” he murmured, awed. He liked those movies, although he always wanted to take R2-D2 apart to see exactly how many little attachments the droid had.

“Captain Tachibana, sir!” Tachibana turned at the sound of his name, surprised. Well, the computer hadn’t taken very long to begin picking up his memories and thoughts. It was more impressive than he’d expected. A young man (who looked a lot like Kamio but was dressed in the same uniform Tachibana was wearing) saluted him. “Captain, the Admiral’s ship has docked. Will you be welcoming him aboard yourself, sir?”

“Why yes, I believe I will,” Tachibana said, very nonchalant about the whole thing. “Take me to the docking bay...er....lieutenant!”

“Yes, sir!” Not-really-Kamio saluted smartly and spun on his heel in proper space military fashion. Tachibana followed him, but not before glancing around the room and noticing that many of the crew members resembled members of the Fudomine tennis team.

They headed down a fairly bleak, boring corridor. Tachibana admired the sound his boots made on the metal floor, but decided that if he stayed here much longer, he’d order art prints to be hung on the walls. Honestly (as he’d told Tezuka when convincing him to paint the walls of the apartment), clean, pristine white was dull and painful to the eyes if looked at for too long.

They passed a few doors, then not-really-Kamio stopped at another that looked just like the other ones. “You need to enter your authorization code, sir,” Kamio said, moving aside respectfully. Tachibana took the opportunity to check and see if this Kamio had an MP3 player attached to his belt too. He had something that might have been a communications thing, but Tachibana guessed it was probably rigged to play music, too, at least if the computer was being entirely accurate.

“Right,” Tachibana said, peering down at the keyboard that had all kinds of letters, numbers, and symbols on it. Authorization code, hm...he had absolutely no idea what this code of his could be. Or maybe...wait. If the computer was reading his memories, maybe it knew his email password. He quickly typed in Tezuka’s full name and birthday, and the door said mechanically, “Welcome, Captain,” as it hissed open.

Tachibana now took the lead into the spacious, echoing docking bay. It was very, very impressive. Tachibana was sure to click his boots extra much. A huge spaceship (though not as big as his, thank you very much) was parked right in the middle of the room. A warning klaxon sounded (and it sounded exactly like the ones from Star Wars) and a ramp hummed slowly down from the belly of the ship.

Tachibana waited, not-really-Kamio standing at attention behind him. In a matter of seconds, a group of people came out of the ship. They lined up along the sides of the entrance ramp, and soon, another person marched his way down to the floor. That person kept walking, and the people who had lined up followed him.

Tachibana’s jaw dropped at this point. Well, this gaming system was definitely doing an excellent job at reading him! The man walking towards his was none other than Tezuka, arrayed in a uniform that was much more flattering than Tachibana’s own. It was colored a cool, pleasing shade of light gold, with some military decorations and accents along the collar.

“Captain Tachibana,” Tezuka said, extending a hand. “My thanks for the welcome to your ship.”

“It was nothing,” Tachibana said, vaguely noting that Tezuka’s escort looked a lot like the regulars of Seigaku, only some of them were various shades of green with scales. “Uh...my thanks, your...er...excellence, for gracing us with your presence.” That hadn’t been exactly the speech he’d intended to give, but whatever. The admiral didn’t seem to mind.

“Please show me to my quarters, captain,” Admiral Tezuka said. “The journey has been wearying.”

“I can do it, sir,” Kamio volunteered, but Tachibana shook his head emphatically. “No, thank you. You can show the admiral’s entourage to their quarters, but I’ll be showing the admiral to his.”

“Hey!” a spiky-haired, scaly youth said indignantly. Momoshiro looked oddly good with this bizarre makeover. “We’re the admiral’s bodyguards! We demand to be-”

“You don’t trust my captain?” Kamio snapped.

“Not with the life of Admiral Tezuka!” Momoshiro snapped back.

“That’s enough,” Tezuka said, with a short gesture. “Go with the lieutenant, all of you. The captain and I have Fleet business to discuss.”

As Tachibana walked beside the admiral back to the door, he wondered what “Fleet business” meant. Hopefully it meant a torrid love affair, although that might have been too much to ask for. Tachibana pondered the consequences of throwing the admiral down once they reached the admiral’s quarters.

Then he couldn’t ponder anymore, because they were out in the hallway, and Tachibana realized he had no idea which way to go. He scoffed at himself and picked a direction at random, striding confidently in the opposite direction from the bridge. The entourage and Kamio went the other way, Kamio darting a bemused glance back at his captain.

“Am I staying in different quarters this time, Captain?” Admiral Tezuka asked from beside him.

Tachibana turned to him, ready to give him a sheepish look and an apology, but the look on the admiral’s face stopped him short. “Or...” the admiral murmured, almost in his ear, “are we going to your quarters instead?”

Okay, the chances of throwing Admiral Tezuka down had just increased by a lot. Tachibana refrained from doing a dance of glee right there in the corridor. His boots would make such a lovely sound if he danced, too. But no! He had to stay focused on his goal, which, at the moment, was getting the admiral out of that uniform.

“Of course...if you want to, that is,” Tachibana replied seductively, giving that smile that always made the real Tezuka melt into a puddle.

The admiral nodded. “I have been in space alone for too long...Kippei.”

Damn, they were going to have a hard time reaching a private room if it kept up like this. They were standing face-to-face, practically standing on one another’s feet already. Tachibana didn’t think it’d be very good for either of their reputations if they were caught making out in the hall, though, so he turned down the charm of his smile for a minute. “Then come this way, admiral.”

The admiral did, his hand sliding down so that it was almost, but not quite, resting on Kippei’s lower back. It was “almost” because the hand was a little lower than that. Kippei had to tell himself sternly not to pounce Admiral Tezuka right then and there. He also made a silent promise to send a thank-you note to all of the gaming system’s creators, and to thank the real Tezuka personally...

The ship was sort of arranged like Kippei’s parents’ house. It wasn’t exactly, but it was easy enough for him to find the place where his room would have been. And, indeed, when he entered his access code, the door said, “Welcome to the captain’s quarters, Captain Tachibana and guest.”

Tachibana surveyed the room for a second. It was very large and very nicely decorated, but Tachibana couldn’t look at it for very long because at that point, that same hand of Admiral Tezuka’s tightened and pulled him close. Their hips rubbed up against one another, and Tachibana was again highly impressed by the realistic sensations provided. The admiral kissed him, using more tongue than Tezuka ever did right at first unless he’d been “accidentally” fed an aphrodisiac.

They stumbled their way over to the bed (which was also delightfully large and tasteful) and fell onto it, Tezuka on top. “Damn these standard-issue uniforms...impossible to remove...” Admiral Tezuka breathed, getting Tachibana’s shirt untucked and working to unfasten the buttons.

At the same time, Tachibana was trying to slide off the admiral’s pants, and thinking to himself that non-standard issue uniforms were apparently just as difficult. And finally he managed it, letting out a cry of triumph that turned into a gasp when Admiral Tezuka copped a feel through his pants, and then-

“Kippei.” Suddenly, Tachibana was back in the chair, his body feeling as though pinpricks were running all through it, and his pants uncomfortably tight.

“What the-” Tachibana looked indignantly at the real Tezuka, who had evidently turned off the gaming system. “Kunimitsu dearest, why did you do that?”

“Because,” Tezuka said evenly, “I’m not the only one monitoring what’s going on in the game. There is an entire team of scientists next door who are likely giggling over the fact that you turned the space scenario into a boys’ love game. You know, the admiral was supposed to be attacked by hostile aliens on the way to his quarters...”

“Well...” Tachibana shrugged, squirming in a vain attempt to alleviate his discomfort. “You said the game responds to the player’s memories and desires, right?”

“Yes, but-”

“And what I desire at the moment,” Tachibana continued, “is you.” He used the smile again, turned up to full Tezuka-persuading power. “You know, this chair is big enough for both of us.”

“I...” Tezuka hesitated, looking incredibly sexy in the white lab coat.

“Come on, Kunimitsu,” Tachibana coaxed. He chalked up another point for himself as Tezuka finally made up his mind and straddled him over the chair. “This is not how the technology is intended to be used,” Tezuka said, voice rasping slightly.

“I don’t know...I like it,” Tachibana said, and kissed Tezuka, pulling them as close together as they could possibly be.

And he made a mental note to order one of the gaming systems for their house.

Title: Helpful Advice
Author: Kish
Pairing: TezuRyo (or...RyoTez...)
Rating: PG
Summary: Tezuka asks Inui for advice, and Inui is surprisingly unhelpful.

“Inui.” Tezuka made sure not to say it in a way that would make anyone suspicious. “I need your advice on something.”

“Oh?” Inui looked up from his notebook, a very curious expression on his face. “Yes? What advice do you need, Tezuka?”

“It’s about Echizen.” Tezuka sat next to Inui on the bench by the side of the school.

Inui adjusted his glasses. “Ahhh, yes. That makes sense, given that the two of you are involved in a relationship.”

“What?!” Control, Tezuka told himself. Keep yourself controlled, dammit. “I was not aware that you knew.”

“Of course I know,” Inui informed him smugly. Scientific objectivity, my eye, Tezuka thought privately, but did not express that particular sentiment. “Both of your behavior has been different lately, for the most part when interacting with one another.”

“Ah...yes.” Tezuka cleared his throat. “As you already know about the two of us, I don’t have to explain.”

“So then, what sort of advice do you need?” Inui inquired. “It seems as though the two of you have not encountered any problems as yet, although Echizen’s father is likely to suffer something of a shock when he discovers. However, probability of that already having happened is only twelve percent-”

“It’s not that,” Tezuka interrupted. He already knew that Nanjiroh would be less than thrilled to hear that his son was dating another man, but he also planned to kick Nanjiroh’s arse in tennis if he ever found out. He assumed that would lay any doubts to rest.

“Oh? Then what is it?” Inui, although he was trying to hide it, was clearly very curious about what this mysterious problem could be.

“It’s...” Tezuka suddenly wondered if Inui had really been the right person to come to, but it was sort of too late now. “I feel as though since we’ve begun dating, I’ve lost the upper hand.”

“Hm,” Inui nodded knowingly. Then he stopped. He closed his notebook. He placed his pen on the bench beside him. “Tezuka...are you telling me that you are playing uke to Echizen’s seme?”

“No!” Tezuka said indignantly. Calm, he reminded himself. Calm. CALM. “Well...yes, that as well.”

Inui picked up his writing tools again and scribbled furiously in his notebook. “And how long would you say Echizen has played the dominant role?”

“Ever since we started dating,” Tezuka confessed. Ah, how he remembered those days of courtship, when Echizen still revered him as the all-powerful buchou. Not that he liked being thought of that way, of course. Echizen still had that glow in his eye whenever he looked at Tezuka, but it had been somewhat changed by the fact that Tezuka was wrapped around the prodigy’s little finger.

“And would you say that you exhibit dominance in any areas of the relationship?”

“I still beat him in tennis,” Tezuka said almost defensively. “Three games out of four, at the least.”

“Mm-hmm, mm-hmm,” Inui said distractedly, writing figures and equations like a madman. “And I assume, from what you said, that Echizen takes the leading role in sexual activities as well?”


“That’s a yes, then,” Inui said calmly, ignoring Tezuka’s glare of death. “According to my calculations, Tezuka...you are most definitely stuck in the submissive role. Echizen doesn’t accord as much respect to upperclassmen as most boys his age. He is an arrogant and gifted personality, whereas you are more introverted, although certainly as talented in most areas as Echizen. I’m not surprised that he’s taken the leading role. You are, in a word, doomed. I believe that all you can do is to bear it, if you wish for the relationship to continue.”

“But Inui,” Tezuka said, taking deep breaths in order to avoid throwing a punch, “I need your advice on how to change that.”

“Why would you think I would know how to change it?” Inui asked, sounding genuinely puzzled.

“You have a similar relationship with a younger man. You have experience.”

“I was not aware that you knew about my relationship with Kaidoh,” Inui said, surprised. Then he let out a laugh. “But who told you that I was the dominant one?”

Tezuka stared at Inui with something akin to horror. “You’re...then...”

“Yes,” Inui affirmed with a smile. “At first I harbored some objections, but my desire to be with Kaidoh overrode them after a time.”

Tezuka tried not to fall to his knees and pull his hair out with despair. Inui was fine with it? And was telling him that there was no hope?

“Of course, your case is more extreme than mine, as Kaidoh still holds more traditional respect than Echizen...” Inui was continuing, but Tezuka stood up and walked...calmly...away. He wanted to be with Echizen, he knew that much, but dammit! He wanted to act as seme once in a while!


Tezuka froze, then turned to meet Echizen’s piercing gaze. “Echizen.”

“You can call me ‘Ryoma,’ buchou,” the younger boy said with a smile that was only partly a smirk. He slipped his arm through Tezuka’s and looked up at him with that face that still managed to be innocent, even if Tezuka knew that Echizen certainly was not that.

“Ryoma,” Tezuka acquiesced, letting Echizen pull him in the direction he wanted to go, which was clearly in the direction of the tennis courts.

“Let's play a game of tennis.”

“Certainly,” Tezuka agreed. How could he refuse his strong, intelligent, beautiful Ryoma?

And suddenly, he knew that Inui was right. He really was doomed. But now, somehow, being doomed didn’t look quite so bad.

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