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FIC: Of Serenades and Insects

Title: Of Serenades and Insects
Author: Kish
Pairing: TachTez
Rating: PG
101_kisses themes: #1, "starlight" and #30, "romance"
Note: It's semi-crack'y, and I'm not sure what the hell I was going for. XD The California air is getting to me, I think. It drives everyone crazy in a good way. *waves to Helen and Squall and any other Californians on flist* ^_^

Tachibana’s fingers worked their way through Tezuka’s hair, twirling and playing with the strands. Tezuka shook his head a little to try to get him to stop. Whenever Kippei did this, Tezuka’s hair ended up looking as though a bird had tried to nest in it. But Tezuka’s headshake did not deter Tachibana in the least.

Tachibana said absently, “Do you think we’re romantic enough?” His fingers still mussed Tezuka’s hair gently, and Tezuka sighed and gave in, relaxing his head on Tachibana’s shoulder.

“What do you mean?” Tezuka asked after a moment, having decided that it may not have been a rhetorical question. The answer had seemed somewhat self-evident, given that they were cuddling on the couch, Tezuka half-laying across Tachibana’s lap. However, nothing was a given when it came to Kippei.

“Mm,” Tachibana replied, resting his head on Tezuka’s, finally giving up on tying Tezuka’s hair in hopeless knots. “We never go out for a nice dinner, just the two of us.”

“Eating at home saves money,” Tezuka reminded him, ever seeing the practical side of the issue. “And I prefer what you cook to most restaurant food.”

“We never sleep on rose petals, either,” Tachibana said musingly into Tezuka’s hair.

“Stop that, you’ll get hair in your mouth,” Tezuka reprimanded, turning to look at Tachibana. “No, we don’t sleep on rose petals. They’re expensive, and they’d just make a mess.”

“That’s true,” Tachibana admitted, then stole a kiss before Tezuka even knew what he was up to. “But we never…” then he lapsed into silence, mostly because Tezuka had kissed him back, and Tezuka on one’s lap was enough to distract most people from their original purpose. And so, the discussion was ended for the evening.


Or Tezuka thought it was ended for the evening, anyway. He’d made the assumption that after going to bed and falling asleep, the day’s talk would be over. It was an assumption that happened to be incorrect.

Tezuka found out that he’d been incorrect when he half-woke, instinctively reached out for Kippei, and found that he wasn’t there. This caused him to wake up the rest of the way. His first thought was that Kippei was in the bathroom; but no. Once Tachibana fell asleep, he was out like a light and wouldn’t wake up unless tickled, smacked with a pillow, or given a blowjob, and sometimes not even then.

Tezuka fumbled for his glasses, slipped them on, and then he realized why he’d woken up to begin with. Their stereo was playing, the door to the apartment’s balcony was open, and Tachibana…

Tachibana was out on the balcony, shirtless and illuminated faintly by starlight, singing. Not just any song either, oh no. He was singing Utada Hikaru’s “First Love.” using an impromptu microphone that didn’t seem to have any actual sound improvement capabilities (was that Tezuka’s hairbrush?). Probably because of the hairbrush’s lack of amplification, he was singing almost at the top of his lungs.

Tachibana smiled sweetly at the newly-woken Tezuka. “You are always gonna be my love…even if I fall in love with someone once again…”

Tezuka stared, and wondered if he was still dreaming. He blinked, and Kippei was still there, still singing. He looked over at the closet, then back again. Yes, the scene before his eyes hadn’t changed. He closed his eyes, counted to ten, then opened them again. Still there.

“You will always be inside my heart…” Tachibana continued, walking into the room, sort-of dancing in his own Tachibana-with-a-hairbrush, swaying, sidling way. Tezuka thought vaguely that at least Kippei had put on pants before he’d gone out there.

Tachibana finished the ridiculously sappy song from just by the edge of the bed. Then he stopped and lowered the hairbrush. “Kunimitsu…I love you more than life itself,” he murmured, the karaoke version of First Love playing on repeat in the background.

Tezuka blinked again. Then he said carefully, “I love you too, Kippei, but… what are you doing?”

“A romantic, moonlit serenade for you, dearest,” Tachibana declared, sounding like a love-smitten drama actor working with a cheap script.

“There’s no moon tonight,” Tezuka pointed out, glancing out the sliding doors that led to the balcony. Tachibana hadn’t closed them yet, and insects were bound to get in.

“Stop thinking that bugs will get in, Kunimitsu,” Tachibana ordered. “They wouldn’t dare intrude upon our love.”

Tezuka sighed, wondering if he’d really become so predictable, and also wondering if Kippei had gone mildly insane. “That wasn’t what I was thinking.”

Tachibana slid back into bed, propping himself up with the arm that still held the hairbrush. “Well? What are you thinking, then?” he asked, gazing intently into Tezuka’s eyes.

“I think that our neighbors are going to complain about the noise,” Tezuka informed him.

“Mm,” said Tachibana. “Let them. And?”

“And that’s my hairbrush,” Tezuka said, pointing at it. Tachibana handed it over, and Tezuka set it on the bedside table. Tezuka then laid back down on the pillow and closed his eyes.

And?” Tachibana pressed. “Wasn’t it romantic?”

Tezuka opened his eyes even before Tachibana spoke. He hadn’t really intended to go right back to sleep, anyway. He sat partway up again so that he was looking Kippei directly in the eye. “And it was very nice.” He moved closer, speaking almost against Tachibana’s lips. “But I love you all the time…regardless of whether you make grand romantic gestures.”

Tachibana was momentarily stricken speechless. Tezuka closed the centimeter between them and slid his tongue lightly across Tachibana’s mouth, but pulled away just as Tachibana’s tongue flicked out to join it. “That,” Tachibana said breathlessly, “was one of the most romantic things you’ve ever said. It was beautiful.” His tone turned more serious. “And you know that I love you too, no matter what.”

“I know,” Tezuka confirmed. Tachibana moved to kiss him again, but Tezuka held up a hand. “Wait.”

“For what?”

“Close the door first. You’ll let insects inside.”

“I knew it,” Kippei announced. But he went and closed the door anyway.
Tags: 101kisses, fics, tachtez
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