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Drabbles from a lazy Kish

I'm too lazy to type up anything but drabbles, and so here are the short pieces of fiction that I wrote while in class today. I evidently like Momo today, what's up with that?

“Bite me,” Kaidoh growls, slamming Momo against the wall.

“Fine,” Momo snaps back, attacking Kaidoh’s mouth with his own, biting fiercely at Kaidoh’s lips and tongue.

“Idiot,” Kaidoh pants.

“Fuck you,” Momo breathes, yanking Kaidoh’s hips in to grind against his. Kaidoh hisses and pushes back hard, making them both gasp for air.

Their insults are taken a lot more literally than they used to be.

“What d’you think of the nickname ‘shmoopy’?” Momo asked, staring up at the clouds.

Kamio stared down at Momo’s head, which was resting in his lap. “For who, your neighbor’s puppy?”

Momo sat up and said, “No, for you, of course. We need nicknames for each other eventually. Shmoopy.”

“Shmoopy” smacked Momo in the head. “You are so stupid.”

“That was mean,” Momo complained, rubbing the sore spot.

“Then don’t call me shmoopy,” Kamio said. Momo sighed and laid back down, still using Kamio as a pillow.

They both looked back up at the sky. Kamio played with the grass next to him, then murmured experimentally, “Shmoopy...”

Momo sat bolt upright and pointed at Kamio. “Ha! See?”

Two black eyes, a scratch, and several bruises later, they both agreed to skip the whole nickname thing.

“Buchou, sit down.” Ryoma sat on the bench and tugged at Tezuka’s shirt hem. Tezuka carefully balanced both of their drinks and handed the can of Ponta to Ryoma.

Ryoma took a sip, then scooted over so that their legs were touching. Tezuka almost smiled. Ryoma commented, “You should sit down more often.”

“Mm. Why?” Tezuka asked.

“Because then I can reach you,” Ryoma said with a grin. He leaned over and placed a delicate kiss on Tezuka’s lips.

And from that point on, Tezuka took great care to sit down next to Ryoma whenever he could.

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