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Ficlet: Sleeping Issues

I'm sorry for spamming! Last post of the night, I promise.

Title: Sleeping Issues
Author: Kish
Pairing (threesome, actually) : Yanagi/Inui/Kaidoh (although this one has a very Yanagi/Kaidoh feel to it)
Rating: PG
30threesomes theme: #1, "The Fool"
Note: This fic will make more sense once I've posted more of these. There's a story behind how they ended up like this. Also, based on the actual tarot meaning of the card, as opposed to the dictionary meaning of the card's name. The Fool is the beginning of the tarot deck, and likewise symbolizes beginnings and also optimism.

They always slept with Kaidoh on the side nearest the wall, then Inui in the middle of the bed, then Renji closest to the door. It made sense, because Inui was the reason they were both here.

Kaidoh woke up at around three-thirty a.m. He stared up at the ceiling because there wasn’t much else to do. Anyway he didn’t know what to do because he almost never woke up like this, which was about the same thing.

“You’re awake.” Renji was sitting up on the other side of Inui, looking at Kaidoh. “I thought so.”

Kaidoh sat up too. “How did you know?” he asked.

“Your breathing patterns shifted subtly some time ago,” Renji told him with a smile. “Although I wouldn’t have noticed, if I hadn’t been awake myself. I’m afraid I’ve acquired a touch of insomnia.”

Kaidoh smiled back, then ducked his head, embarrassed. Renji sounded so much like Inui. It was sometimes hard to remember that they were two different people. “What do you do when you can’t sleep?”

“Talk,” said Renji with a quiet chuckle. “If there’s anyone to talk to, that is.” He waited for Kaidoh to say something.

Kaidoh had to think about it for a minute. He listened to Inui’s breathing, still deep and even. Then he nodded. “All right.”


“I was thinking we could go to see a movie later.” Inui’s voice over the cell phone made Kaidoh shiver a little. “What do you think?”

“We can,” Kaidoh agreed. “I’d like that.” They both knew that they’d end up seeing a romance film because Kaidoh liked them. Inui had gotten used to that.

“Shall I call Renji, then?” asked Inui, after a short pause. He still wasn’t quite sure how to deal with both of his boyfriends. Kaidoh thought it must almost be harder for Inui because he was the common factor, so everything was up to him.

“No, I’ll call,” Kaidoh said. There was another pause. Inui said, “Are you sure?”

“Yes. I was talking to him when you called,” Kaidoh replied. “I’ll let him know. Seven?”

“Yes,” said Inui, sounding surprised. “That’s fine.”


“You’re awake again,” Kaidoh observed, leaning an arm on his pillow so that he could see over Inui.

“You are also,” Renji noted, setting down the pen and notebook that were so much like Inui’s. “Have you ever had problems sleeping before?”

“No,” said Kaidoh. “I think I always slept fine, before.”

“Mm,” said Renji thoughtfully. “Even when we first began sharing an apartment?”

“Yes,” said Kaidoh. “It was fine until...” he couldn’t remember when he’d started to have sleeping problems. Just the other night, or before that? “Until yesterday night,” he finished, and he was almost sure it was true.

“Hmm,” said Renji. “I know your classes are difficult. Have you been under particular stress lately?”

“Not really...” Kaidoh started to say, but that wasn’t true. His physics teacher for the semester wasn’t helpful at all. She tested them on ten chapters at a time without even lecturing on those chapters first. But Kaidoh couldn’t tell her, of course. And he hardly wanted to go running to “Inui-senpai” as though he was still a junior high student. He hated feeling so helpless, and he hated it more when Inui knew he felt helpless. “I’ve been having some trouble in my physics class,” he admitted.

“Ah, yes,” said Renji. “That can always present some trouble. Would you like some help? I had to go through the same class last year.”

“Well...” said Kaidoh. He’d never thought to ask Renji before, even though they lived in the same apartment, and were in some sort of relationship.“Yes, please. But...Yanagi-san...don’t tell Inui.”

“Don’t worry,” said Renji with a smile. “I won’t.”


When they went out the next day, Kaidoh walked between Inui and Renji, instead of on the end by Inui. Inui raised a curious eyebrow at Renji over Kaidoh’s head. Renji just shrugged and smiled.


“It might be easier for me to show you if you come over here.” Renji patted the bed beside himself, then cast a rueful glance at the sleeping Inui. “You might have to go around.”

Kaidoh, though, climbed carefully over Inui. He knew exactly how much he could disturb Inui without waking him up. And sure enough, Inui stayed asleep, snoring lightly.

“Now, this particular equation show the relationship between...” Renji continued, putting everything into understandable terms. Kaidoh watched Renji closely as he spoke. He’d thought for a while that Yanagi Renji was almost exactly like Inui Sadaharu. But Renji had his own little gestures and oddities, his own way of explaining things. He didn’t use as much jargon as Inui did, either. The thought formerly would have made Kaidoh feel disloyal, but now it didn’t, not quite as much, anyway.

“Yanagi-san?” asked Kaidoh, once Renji had finished.

“You can call me Renji, as Sadaharu does,” Renji said, with a quiet laugh. “I’d like it better if you would.”

On a strange sort of impulse, Kaidoh leaned forward and, for the first time, kissed Renji of his own accord. And for the first time, he realized that it was nothing like kissing Inui...but it was nice.

“Ah, so this is what you two have been doing.” Inui had finally woken up. Renji gave a startled laugh, and Kaidoh smiled, blushing as though he was still a high school student caught by his parents.


The next night, they tried something different. Kaidoh slept spooned against Renji’s back, arms around him. Inui was behind him, curled against him in the same way. And none of them had any trouble sleeping.
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