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Happy Birthday, Emi!!!

Happy Birthday to emcyclopedia!! In honor of your birthday, I am posting the first OT5 fic I ever wrote. It may suck, but it's the thought that counts, right? ^_^

Title: Kids These Days
Author: Kish
Rating: PG
Fivesome (?): The OT5!
Note: They're sitting on the bench in this order, in case anyone's curious: Tezuka-Fuji-Sanada-Ryoma-Atobe, from left to right if you were facing them.

The old lady smiled as she watched the group of teenage boys talking, laughing, and eating ice cream. It was so nice to see that young people still enjoyed the simple pleasures of life. She almost never saw children walking through the park anymore, and now five at once!

They sat down on a bench across the path and a little to the right. She quickly pretended to read her magazine, but then glanced up again. They weren’t paying her any mind anyway, too caught up in each other’s company. A group of close friends, she decided. Maybe they played on a sports team together or something like that.

One of the boys, the one with brown hair and glasses, suddenly noticed that his ice cream was melting. He tried to catch the drop before it fell, but oh dear, it landed on his wrist. He looked around, probably for a napkin.

The boy next to him, who had lighter hair and very pale blue eyes, smiled and said something that the old lady could not quite catch. The boy with glasses seemed to hesitate, then nodded. The old lady’s eyes widened as the light-haired boy lifted the other boy’s wrist to his lips and flicked out a tongue to clean off the ice cream. Then the two exchanged a quick kiss on the lips.

Well, this old lady was hardly stuffy about such things. It hardly mattered if some relationships were “unconventional,” so long as both parties had real feelings for each other. That exchange had been very sweet.

While she’d been looking at those two, though, something else had happened. For some reason, the smallest of the group, a dark-haired wisp of a boy, was now sitting on another boy’s lap. The boy doing the holding (who had short, light hair and an expression that reminded the old lady of royalty she’d seen) and the small boy wore identical smirks.

The little one offered a finger coated in ice cream to the other, who wrapped his lips around the proffered finger.

Hm. Clearly young people liked unconventional relationships nowadays. And just as clearly, they liked showing them off.

But then, the small boy did the same thing with another bite of ice cream...and offered it to the fifth boy, the dark-haired one beside him! This boy looked more reluctant to accept and turned his head away at first.

The light-haired, blue-eyed one laughed and said something to the fifth boy. The fifth boy sighed and shook his head, and the smaller boy offered the finger across him, to the blue-eyed one instead. In a shockingly sensuous display, the blue-eyed one used his tongue to lick the ice cream lightly away.

The small boy and the two light-haired boys both laughed, while the one with glasses and the dark-haired one looked slightly less amused. Kisses and more ice cream were exchanged between various parties in so many different combinations that it was impossible to keep track.

The old lady hastily returned to her magazine. Young people these days...they were just too modern for her to understand.
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