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Drabble: Only You

Title: Only You
Author: Kish
Pairing: TezuRyo
Rating: G
Note: Written because svz_insanity and I agreed to each write a TezuRyo fic using the theme "jealousy." Stacy, I think I lost sight of the theme while writing this. Sort of. XD

~Only You~

Tezuka goes to the junior high tennis tournaments whenever he can, even though he’s been in high school for two years now. It might be the feeling of nostalgia he gets when he walks onto the tournament grounds and sees all of the students and the players, arrogant or nervous or exultant after a win. It’s definitely an old affection for his old Seigaku team. But mostly, it’s...

“Buchou.” Ryoma grips his hand warmly, with a trace of his old smirk left as he meets Tezuka’s eyes, a confident, talented young tennis star. He’s as arrogant as ever, but he hides it better. He’s more tactful now that he’s had more experience, Tezuka thinks.

“Echizen. How is the team?” Tezuka asks, although they talk to each other all the time and Tezuka could quote the exact moves and stats of every new Seigaku regular.

“Fine,” says Ryoma nonchalantly, but his eyes sparkle and the corners of his mouth tug upwards in a grin. The team is considerably better than “fine” this year, with Katsuo and Kachiro playing first doubles, Ryoma taking the first singles spot, and all the others passionately trying to keep up with them.

“Buchou!” A brunette boy and two with dark hair, all in their first year at Seigaku, race up to Echizen.

Tezuka almost responds to the call, and Ryoma gives him a wink. Tezuka gives a slightly rueful smile as Ryoma answers the boys. “What’s going on?”

“Horio-senpai is in trouble again,” says one of the dark-haired boys with an exaggerated sigh. “He was spying on Fudomine-”

“And they caught him,” finishes the brunette, and the other dark-haired boy rolls his eyes. “Katsuo-senpai and Kachiro-senpai tried to stop them from fighting, but now they’re all fighting...”

Surprisingly enough, Horio is the self-appointed manager of Seigaku’s team, and he usually does a good job. He’s a little rash sometimes, but he knows what to watch for and how when he’s looking at the other teams. All of his standing next to the courts paid off for him, although he’s still better at talking than at playing tennis.

“Tell them to hang on, I’ll be there in a minute,” Ryoma says with a laugh that tells Tezuka that he’s not too worried. Tezuka knows, too, that Katsuo and Kachiro will stop the trouble if they can.

“Thanks, buchou,” says the dark-haired one, and he flashes Ryoma a grin and a victory sign. He lingers for a moment after his comrades have already turned and left, then finally gives a sheepish nod when the brunette dashes back to pull at his sleeve.

Tezuka watches after the boy, whose name is Sagano, if he remembers correctly. He must have been watching a little too long, because Ryoma nudges him playfully. “Hey, buchou.”

“Yes? Oh.” Tezuka says, glancing at Ryoma almost apologetically. “Sagano is well on his way to becoming a regular, isn’t he?”

“Yup,” Ryoma replies. “Another freshman regular.” He slips an arm around Tezuka’s waist. “Don’t worry, buchou,” he says, quietly and close to Tezuka’s ear. “None of them are me, you know.” He lets out his old cocky laugh, and Tezuka chuckles.

“I didn’t think they were,” he says, and thinks, None of them ever could be.
Tags: fics, randomness, tezuryo
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