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Fics: Dream Pair and MomoKai + rambling

Wow, today has been quite a day so far. My sister had surgery today, which was scheduled but it's still sort of a nervewracking experience. The real problem about today, though, came last night when my dog attacked a skunk outside. Yes, not really brilliant, my dog, especially given that she's pulled this same trick before and she hates being sprayed. I love her anyway, of course, but it's hard to be in the same room with her when she reeks of skunk.

So my parents, who had to get up around 6 am to take my sister to the hospital, had to bathe the dog in anti-skunk shampoo at around 2 am in the morning, and they weren't finished until around 3. I volunteered to do it because I don't sleep anyway, but mom was insistent on my staying in bed. She thinks I sleep more than I do, just because I always fall asleep around 9 am or so and then am asleep when she comes to wake me up.

Anyway, all this is leading up to...er...I forget what the point was. Oh! Fics. Thank goodness I typed the subject line first and could look up at that, otherwise all you'd have gotten was useless rambling and not the fics that I finished last night while listening to my dog bark and howl unhappily in the bath.

Title: Fitting Together
Author: Kish
Rating: PG
Pairing: Fuji/Eiji
Note: This is pixxers' fault, entirely and completely, because of this brilliance. God, I'm so easily influenced. XD My first attempt at Dream Pair, so I'm sure it sucks.

Fuji and Eiji didn’t fit together like two perfect pieces of a jigsaw puzzle that only had two pieces. They both knew all along, without discussing it or anything silly like that, that they weren’t soul mates or destined for one another or even particularly romantically inclined towards one another. And maybe that was why it was so ridiculously easy for them to be together.


“Fuji!” Eiji said with a dramatic sigh. He did a pirouette on the very toes of his tennis shoes, balancing perfectly for a second before he flopped backwards onto the grass. “This stupid homework is killing me, nya.”

“That was really athletic for someone who’s dying, Eiji,” Fuji said with a chuckle, holding onto his book so that the breeze from Eiji’s motions wouldn’t flip the pages. He leaned over and gave Eiji a quick kiss on the lips. Eiji eagerly accepted the unexpected reward, sticking his tongue out almost before they’d even touched. Then he squeaked and flipped onto his feet when Fuji bit his tongue. “Fuji! That was mean!

“You need to finish your homework before you get a nice kiss,” Fuji said, smiling calmly while Eiji pouted.


The first kiss they shared didn’t cause an uncomfortable or anxious pause between them. Eiji just kept giggling against Fuji’s lips and Fuji was laughing too. Then Eiji flicked his tongue out against Fuji’s but then pulled it back and then did that twice more. Then he pulled away to explain that he’d always wanted to do that since he saw a snake in the park doing it. Both of them ended up on the ground, laughing until their stomachs hurt.


“All right, I’m done,” Eiji announced in a singsong voice. He fell over onto the ground again, then bounced up right away so that he was kneeling and looking over Fuji’s shoulder. “Are you finished?”

“Mm-hmm,” said Fuji. “I was just working on the essay for next week.” He turned his head to look back at Eiji, wearing an amused expression and waiting for Eiji to reply to that.


They always did their homework in the park nowadays, at least when the weather was warm enough. Eiji had an easier time focusing when there were a lot of distractions around, a seeming contradiction that was strange but true. He could also move around as much as he wanted without causing a fuss.


“For next week? Crazy!” Eiji laughed. He hopped on his toes, then back onto his knees. “So, I can have a nice kiss now?”

“Well...” Fuji pretended to think. “But now I’m not finished.”

“You!” Eiji pounced at Fuji like an oversized kitten and they tumbled backwards in a heap.


They were certainly well-matched in that they both liked to do things that most other people would never have agreed to. Eiji had an adventurous streak a mile wide, and Fuji...Fuji just liked to do weird things. Once they’d both spent all their money on those doll-type dresses that were so popular, the ones made of black velvet and lace. They’d borrowed Yumiko’s makeup and used a curling iron to fix their hair, and then they’d gone to sit on a park bench. People exclaimed over them and took pictures of them all day. The best part had been when one man had quietly offered them sixty-five dollars each for an hour, and Fuji pretended to consider it while Eiji stifled his giggles in his velvet sleeve.


Fuji playfully moved his head out of the way whenever Eiji tried to kiss him again. Eiji tried to look indignant and failed miserably, grinning widely with the fun of this new game. “Fuji~ko,” he said, as cutely as he could manage.

“Hm?” asked Fuji, feigning innocence and then tilting his head up so that Eiji ended up kissing his chin. “Oh, Eiji, look at the cloud, doesn’t it look just like Daigoro?”

“You’re just trying to get me to look away!” Eiji protested, but of course he glanced up anyway. Fuji immediately tackled Eiji, reversing their positions completely.

“Not fair!” Eiji squealed, flailing.

Fuji gave him a platonic peck on the cheek. “There, was that kiss nice enough for you?”

“Of course not!” Eiji exclaimed. “A better kiss than that!”

“You want a better kiss and a nice kiss?” Fuji asked, barely containing his laughter. “Well, you’ll have to show me, then.”

“Fine!” said Eiji, and his face took on the grin that meant he was up to something. He twisted up in a way that no normal person could ever have done and gave Fuji one of his very wet, very enthusiastic kisses that he never used unless he was being silly.

“If you want kisses like that, you ought to get a puppy,” Fuji commented.

Eiji pouted, then laughed. “Maybe I will, nya! I’ll name the puppy Fuji, but it has to have blue eyes and brown hair then.”

They both dissolved into hilarity then, Eiji trying his best to give Fuji another puppy kiss and Fuji landing light almost-kisses everywhere on Eiji’s face except for his lips.


No, they were not destined for each other, and as soon as one of them got a girlfriend or a boyfriend, they would go back to being friends who didn’t kiss or touch each other that way. But even so, they would be together forever. They didn’t exactly fit together, but they most definitely didn’t fit apart.

Title: Married Life
Author: Kish
Rating: PG
Pairing: Momo/Kaidoh
Note: This is random. Feel free to ignore it.

In their year of living together, Momoshiro and Kaidoh had fallen into a sort of domestic bliss...or at least some reasonable facsimile thereof. Momo would no more admit that he liked their routine together than he would give up food for the week, but it was still true.

“I’m leaving,” Momo called. His first class was earlier than Kaidoh’s, something that had made him grumble at first, but by now it was an accepted fact of life. Plus Kaidoh always had to wake Momo up, so it wasn’t as though Kaidoh got more sleep. That just wouldn’t have been right.

“Wait!” came Kaidoh’s voice, faintly, from the bedroom. Momo waited, tapping his foot impatiently on the carpet just inside the apartment door.

“You forgot your book again,” Kaidoh said as he walked into the room. Kaidoh was already dressed and ready, even though his class wasn’t for another half an hour. He shoved the heavy biology textbook into Momo’s hands. Luckily, Momo was prepared and didn’t drop it.

“Hey, thanks,” Momo said, as though he hadn’t already forgotten the book twice in one week. “I would have remembered it on my own, you know,” he added, in defense of his injured pride.

Kaidoh stared at him with disbelief, then snorted. “Right. Idiot. Last time you called me from class and begged me to bring it to you.”

“I did not,” Momo said, somewhat lamely considering that the way Kaidoh told it was exactly the way it had happened. “Anyway, whatever,” he said. “I’ve gotta go.”

Without even saying anything, Kaidoh reached out and fixed Momo’s school tie, which was swinging loosely around his neck. Momo made an exaggerated coughing, spluttering noise of indignation because it felt as though Kaidoh was choking him. “Does it have to be so tight?” he demanded, shifting his books to the crook of one arm so that he could loosen the tie.

Kaidoh slapped his fingers away from the knot. “It has to be neat.

“Neat. You freak,” Momo muttered. “It has too kill me, you mean. I always knew you were going to kill me some day.”

“I still might,” Kaidoh said, stepping back to look at his handiwork. The tie was lying flat (and tight, jeez) against Momo’s white shirt. “But I wouldn’t kill you with a tie.

“Yeah, that’d be stupid, even for you,” Momo agreed amiably. He opened the door. “See you later.”

Kaidoh snorted again, but replied, “See you,” and closed the door behind Momo.

As Momo walked down the sidewalk in front of their building, he laughed and shook his head. Kaidoh fixed his tie, remembered his book, ironed his shirt so that Momo wouldn’t go out with it wrinkled...it was like Kaidoh was his...

Oh crap. Momo stopped, horrified by the very idea. It was like Kaidoh was his wife.

But that couldn’t be right, could it? They were just roommates, which was convenient since they were going to the same college at the same time. It wasn’t like they were married.

Well, okay, so they happened to be roommates who kissed each other. And screwed each other. But that happened all the time, or at least it did in movies and stuff.

Okay, so they did a lot of stuff together like going out in the evenings or staying home and doing chores together. But a lot of roommates did that, Momo was sure.

Okay, so they knew what kind of food the other one liked and could order without even asking each other when they got takeout.

And again, okay, they helped each other out sometimes, like Kaidoh with the tie, or when Momo knew it was cold outside and reminded Kaidoh to take a jacket...

Oh crap. They were so married.


“Look,” Momo announced, the second Kaidoh came into the apartment. “You are so not my wife, okay?” He had, of course, been agonizing over this all day, although of course he didn’t tell that to Kaidoh.

Kaidoh blinked, looking as though Momo had just said the stupidest thing ever. Which, Momo reflected later, he just might have. “Well, of course not,” Kaidoh said derisively. He set his books in a neat stack on the table in front of the couch.

“Well...good,” said Momo, wondering what exactly he’d expected. Maybe for Kaidoh to throw a fit and declare that he was, indeed, Momo’s wife? Momo had to stop thinking about that in a hurry because it was a really unexpected turn-on. “Just so you know.”

“You’re more like the wife,” Kaidoh said.

Momo sat bolt upright on the couch. “What?

“You heard me,” said Kaidoh. “You cook more often. You’re the wife.”

“Well, you’re the one who’s always cleaning!” Momo said. “God, I get back here and the whole damn apartment is spotless!”

“If you did the cleaning, it would never get done!” Kaidoh fired back at him.

Momo ended up sleeping on the couch that night, not because Kaidoh kicked him out but because Momo was sulking and half hoping that Kaidoh would yell at him to get into bed. He never did, though. Momo ended up being late to class, too, because Kaidoh didn’t wake him up.


“Look, I’m sorry about the whole wife thing,” Momo said, trotting to catch up to Kaidoh in the hallway. Their next classes were right next door to each other.

Kaidoh ignored him.

“It’s not your fault that you love to clean.”

Kaidoh kept on ignoring him, but he scowled a little.

“Like it’s not my fault that I like to cook more than you do,” Momo kept on.

“All right, fine,” Kaidoh muttered, finally looking at Momo. “I forgive you. Will you go away now?”

“Yeah,” Momo said, then paused. “You really forgive me?”




That night Kaidoh cooked dinner for them, and it turned out okay. Momo made a halfhearted attempt to dust some shelves, which was all right until he almost sent three picture frames crashing to the floor. Then he gave up and just straightened everything in the living room.

“You do a horrible job of cleaning,” Kaidoh grumbled at the table.

“Your cooking is practically inedible,” Momo retorted, then they both shut up and that was the end of it.

Except that Momo still thought that Kaidoh was more like the wife.
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