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FIC: Adoption

Well, I'm back, although you're all probably sick of me by now ^^;; This is crossposted to 30_kisses, inu_kai and my journal.

Title: Adoption
Author: kish_t_rethya
Fandom: Prince of Tennis
Pairing: Inui Sadaharu/Kaoru Kaidoh
Rating: G
Theme: #12, "in a good mood"
Summary: Kaidoh and Inui have differing opinions when it comes to adoption...
Author's Note: Born of the thought "what would put Kaidoh in a good mood?" So...beware the very slight crack-ness ^_^

Kaidoh Kaoru was in an extremely good mood. He didn’t even bother to hide a smile as he looked through the small glass window in the thick door he was facing. “Aren’t they beautiful?” he whispered to the man next to him.

Inui Sadaharu didn’t look quite as thrilled as Kaidoh did. As a matter of fact, he looked resigned more than anything, but he nodded in agreement anyway.

The sound of footsteps in the tiled hallway made them both turn. The woman who had greeted them on their arrival was walking toward them with a smile. She instinctively spoke to Kaidoh, who still looked as though he was at the gates of heaven. “So, you’re seriously considering an adoption?” she asked.

“Yes,” Kaidoh affirmed, barely managing to tear his eyes away from the glass. Inui sighed and also said, “Yes, we are.”

“Well, we have plenty of babies ready for adoption,” she said cheerfully. “Do you have any preference as to color?”

“No, not at all,” Kaidoh assured her, then glanced almost guiltily at Inui. “Do you?” he asked anxiously.

Inui sighed again. “No. If Kaoru has no preference, I will leave it up to him.” Kaidoh smiled radiantly at his partner and took his hand.

The woman beamed at both of them. “That’s wonderful. Now, our babies are mostly between eight and twelve weeks old. If you’d like to see them closer, we can go in to take a better look.”

“I would like that,” Kaidoh said, looking to Inui for his opinion. Inui nodded reluctantly, but Kaidoh paid no attention to the hesitation.

“Wonderful ” the lady repeated. “Just be a little quiet when we’re in there. Some of them are sleeping.” She pushed the door open and gestured for them to precede her.

Kaidoh looked as though he had actually died and gone to heaven as they walked through the room. Every time he heard a little sound or a cry he got a rather distant, happy look.

Inui, on the other hand, looked slightly more desperate than resigned now. Every few seconds Kaidoh would murmur, “Oh, look at that one,” and Inui would make a noncommital noise of agreement. It was clear he was only doing this to make his partner happy.

“Would you like to hold one?” the woman suggested, again talking to Kaidoh. He nodded, making only a token attempt to disguise how eager he was.

She carefully picked up one of the tiny inhabitants of the room and placed it in Kaidoh’s arms. “He’s a boy,” she told him. The little one, who looked to be half asleep, mewled once then was quiet, snuggling into the body heat. “Look, Sadaharu,” Kaidoh said softly. “He’s perfect.”

Inui obviously couldn’t resist saying “That’s highly improbable, Kaoru. No living being is inherently perfect-”

Kaidoh’s gaze shot up for a moment as he shot a glare and a faint hiss at his partner. “-but this one is certainly close to flawless,” Inui amended his statement.

“I’ll leave you alone for a moment,” the woman put in, having followed the point of their exchange. “So that you can talk about it.” She exited the room, and Inui immediately spoke. “Kaoru, are you certain this is what you want?”

Kaidoh had returned to his dreamy-eyed state and said simply, “Yes, I’m sure.”

“But Kaoru,” Inui tried to reason, “I have calculated that this type of commitment will reduce our already insufficient free time together by at least twenty percent. And there is a ninety-seven point eight percent chance that our sleep patterns will be interrupted for some time.”

“I know,” Kaidoh told him, still smiling down at the beautiful little creature in his arms. “You explained that in the car.” He then gave Inui a very knowing kind of look. “You promised, Sadaharu. We already bought everything we need.”

“I know,” Inui said. He looked pleadingly at his partner over the rims of his glasses. “But-”

At that moment the woman who had been helping them entered the room again, still smiling cheerily. “So, have you made a decision?”

“I think he’s perfect,” Kaidoh told her, with a semi-stern glance at Inui. “We’ll take him.”

“All right ” she said happily. “I love it when these guys find families. You’ll just have to fill out some paperwork and then you can take him home.” She picked the little one up again, taking him from a reluctant Kaidoh. “I’ll be right back with the forms.” Then she exited the room once more.

Kaidoh kissed an unhappy-looking Inui on the cheek. “I love you.”

“I love you, too,” Inui told him with yet another sigh. Inwardly he was groaning and regretting the day he’d promised Kaidoh a kitten.

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