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FIC: Got Milk?

Crossposted to inu_kai, 30_kisses, and my journal.
Title: Got Milk?
Author: kish_t_rethya
Fandom: Prince of Tennis
Pairing: Inui/Kaidoh
Rating: G
Theme: #28, Wada Calcium CD3
Summary: Inui and Kaidoh discuss Kaidoh’s calcium source of choice.
Author’s Note: Subtitled “The drabble I wrote instead of updating my RP journal.” ^^;; Beware the cracktastic-ness.</p>

“But Kaidoh, one glass of milk contains twenty-five percent of your daily requirement of vitamin D as well as thirty percent of your daily requirement of calcium. It is simply more efficient.”

Kaidoh sighed in a way that said he’d heard this before. “We just don’t keep much milk at our house. Give me back my calcium pills.”

Inui shook his head, looking down to examine the bottle in his hand, labeled “Wada Calcium CD3.” He inspected the nutrition facts then made a sound of disapproval. “But you are at my house, Kaidoh, and we have plenty of milk,” Inui pointed out.

“I only have one pill left,” Kaidoh said firmly, not about to give in. “Tomorrow I’ll start drinking milk instead.” He tried not to sigh again.

“Ah,” Inui nodded. “In that case...” he handed Kaidoh the pill bottle. “I’m glad you’ve decided on the more nutritionally balanced course of action.”

Kaidoh took the bottle, just grateful that this discussion had apparently come to an end. He twisted the cap off, shook the one remaining calcium tablet into his hand, and then tipped his head back and put it into his mouth.

Quick as lightning, Inui virtually pounced on Kaidoh, pulling him close with both arms around the younger boy’s waist and kissing him. Kaidoh was so surprised that he couldn’t protest. In the unexpected hormonal rush that accompanied the abrupt embrace, he didn’t even put up any resistance when Inui deepened the kiss with his tongue.

Inui pulled away a few moments later, saying, “I wouldn’t want such a thing as your preferred calcium source to come between us. I apologize if I pressured you into making a decision.”

Kaidoh nodded, slightly dumbstruck. He’d been so shocked that he’d forgotten the un-swallowed calcium pill in his mouth...

...wait a minute. Kaidoh blinked and then leveled an accusing glare at Inui. “You stole my calcium pill!”

Inui swallowed then smiled innocently. “Care for some milk, Kaidoh?”


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