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Random Smut

So, um...I was supposed to post this yesterday, but didn't *berates self* But then I read it again today and I'm doing some further editing. This is a WORK IN PROGRESS, so I'll keep updating this journal entry as I finish more.

And don't bother reading what I have so far. Really. It's awful. I'm only posting the part I've edited to placate certain people. They know who they are.
Title: Untitled (as yet)
Author: kish_t_rethya
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: Well, should random, plotless smut have a warning? Probably...
Summary: The shortest evening out in the history of the world XD

Inui could not possibly have calculated the chances of Kaidoh wearing That Outfit on their date. He hadn’t even considered it as an option. Actually, he hadn’t even been aware that Kaidoh owned an outfit like that one, a curious lapse in his usually precise data.

Needless to say, when Kaidoh stepped out of their bedroom after getting changed, Inui was tempted to suggest that they just stay home. He’d managed to quell his hormonal urges enough to say, “Kaidoh, you look...” and then he fell silent, mostly because he couldn’t think of an ending for the sentence that didn’t involve them both naked on the floor.

Kaidoh obviously knew what he meant, however, and even let himself smile a little. He nodded politely, “Thank you.”

Inui had also had no idea that those two little words, when combined with That Person in That Outfit could drive him out of his mind. Perhaps it was because even in his wildest dreams he had never pictured Kaidoh in leather quite so...form-fitting.

Tight, his traitorous mind whispered, and the word made him shiver. Yes, that leather was just...tight. There was no other way to properly describe it, really. Kaidoh’s hair was not bound by his customary bandanna but was instead caught in a small ponytail, which only added to the effect.

He wondered if Kaidoh had any clue how absolutely </i>touchable</i> the outfit made him look. Every well-defined muscle showed through, all the way down the torso. And the pants...all thoughts of percentages and numbers were abruptly gone from his head when his gaze traveled downward. There was nothing left to imagination. Inui guessed that Kaidoh wasn’t wearing anything underneath those pants and was stricken by an urge to find out for sure. He firmly beat that particular urge down, promising himself that would come later.

“You look good, too,” Kaidoh told him. Was that a trace of huskiness in his voice? Inui looked up to see the blush on his lover’s face and almost smiled. There was an eighty-eight percent chance that Kaidoh appreciated his appearance as well. He’d traded his customary glasses for contact lenses, knowing from past experience that Kaidoh liked to see his eyes. He was wearing a skintight white t-shirt and black jeans that nearly rivaled Kaidoh’s leather as far as tightness was concerned.

“Ah...thank you,” Inui replied, carefully keeping his voice neutral. He wondered if Kaidoh would really object to staying home instead and had to firmly tell himself not to think that way. They were going out to the dance club and that was all there was to it.

Inui walked behind Kaidoh all the way to the elevator of their apartment building and found that, if anything, the view was even better. It just made him want to slide a hand down the back of those leather pants...

In the elevator, Inui was given the opportunity he desperately wanted. Kaidoh made the first move, a pleasant surprise. Inui was suddenly pulled down into a gentle kiss by the front of his shirt. It was broken too soon, before he could even react, and Kaidoh stepped away, blushing in a way that was simply too endearing. “Gomen,” he muttered, looking away. “I couldn’t help-”

Inui quickly stepped toward him and silenced him with another kiss, one hand settling on the small of Kaidoh’s back and the other going lower, disappearing under the leather. Kaidoh let out a hissing sigh and put his arms around Inui’s neck as Inui traced the outline of his lips with his tongue. Kaidoh slid his own tongue against the side of Inui’s in a tentative way that was seductive at the same time.

The sound of the elevator bell announcing their arrival on the ground floor was not a welcome one to Inui’s ears. With a sigh of disappointment, he broke away from Kaidoh but left his hand resting at the base of his lover’s spine as they walked toward the double glass doors of the building.

“Should we-” Kaidoh began, his breathing a bit erratic. “Should we take a taxi?”

Inui nodded. The dance club was about twenty minutes away by foot and would be much less by car. The sooner they got there, the sooner they could be home, after all...alone in the apartment. It was a very nice but too-tempting thought.

They were lucky; a taxi came into sight almost immediately when they stepped outside. Inui opened the door for Kaidoh, an act that would have earned him a look of annoyance at any other time. As it was, Kaidoh just nodded and got in, still breathing five percent harder than usual. Inui did not miss the cab driver’s low whistle when he caught a good glimpse of his passenger. “So, you two are off to a club or something, right?”

Inui couldn’t imagine what he had done to deserve a chatty driver. “Yes,” he said shortly, sliding into the car, then told the man their destination.

“Nice place,” the man commented.

Kaidoh sat in the middle of the back seat, so that when Inui got in their legs were resting against each other. Inui put a hand experimentally on Kaidoh’s thigh, not sure if he would object to this in the presence of the cab driver. Far from objecting, Kaidoh moved his own hand to rest lightly on Inui’s, and ghosted his thumb across Inui’s knuckles. The feeling of just barely touching made Inui shiver and seemed to electrify every nerve in his body. He watched Kaidoh’s thumb move, only dimly aware of the driver’s constant attempts at small talk.

Inui decided that he’d had enough of being passive and moved his index finger just the smallest bit on Kaidoh’s thigh. The texture of Kaidoh’s firm muscles under the smooth leather was fascinating. He felt Kaidoh tense a bit then relax as Inui continued the motion. Kaidoh’s own thumb never stopped moving across the back of Inui’s hand, keeping him just at the edge of sanity and self-control.

They arrived at the club all too soon. The taxi driver accepted the fare with a cheerful “Have fun!”, apparently unaware that neither one of them had been listening to him at all. Inui silently promised the man-and himself-that he would most definitely have fun tonight. He and Kaidoh kept their hands together as they exited the cab, not holding, just touching.

The deep bass rhythm of the music from the dance club could be felt through the cement at their feet. Inui winced inwardly, knowing that the music inside would be overwhelming, in direct contrast with the quiet intimacy he and Kaidoh had been sharing just a minute before. He again considered asking Kaidoh if they could just go home, but they hadn’t been out together in so very long, with both of their classes taking up so much time. He himself had been looking forward to tonight, but...now that they had actually arrived it wasn’t really what he wanted

Inui took in a breath when he looked at his companion. Every curve, every muscle on Kaidoh was clearly defined in the beam of the street lamp, his eyes, when he looked at Inui, reflecting the light. Kaidoh blushed again when he saw Inui staring, and began hesitantly, “Inui...?”

Instead of finishing the question, though, Kaidoh’s left hand was suddenly pulling Inui down by the front of his white t-shirt, his right hand still stroking Inui’s left. It was no slow, gentle kiss this time; it was hungry and demanding and open-mouthed, their tongues dueling with one another as Inui got over his surprise. Inui’s free hand slid up under the leather shirt and pulled Kaidoh closer, craving more contact.

They broke away from each other, panting and gasping for air, and Kaidoh said quietly, “Would you mind if we just went home?”

Inui was genuinely startled. “I thought that you would object,” he said, voice hoarse with emotion. Kaidoh shook his head fervently, and Inui murmured, “I’ll call another taxi, then,” his hand still roaming under Kaidoh’s shirt.

Inui restrained himself just long enough to hail another cab. He quickly gave their address to the new driver, who, thank fortune, did not seem as talkative as the last. Inui then promptly tackled Kaidoh into the back seat, leaving them sprawled together, limbs entangled, kissing passionately. Inui would have calculated only a thirteen percent chance that Kaidoh would be willing to be this way when another person was present, and was more than thrilled to be proven wrong.

Inui kissed down along Kaidoh’s jawbone to his neck, pausing when Kaidoh shivered to concentrate on the sensitive area. Kaidoh involuntarily thrust up against Inui with his hips and both of them hissed with pleasure at the friction that provided. Inui arched against Kaidoh, who was halfway leaning on the opposite door, eyes closed, breath heavy.

Kaidoh’s hand was unexpectedly at Inui’s waist, fumbling with the button on his jeans and quickly unfastening the zipper. The hand slipped inside and stroked, making Inui catch his breath and then moan.

In retrospect, it was probably a good thing that the cab driver announced their stop at that point. But at that moment, when Inui would have been perfectly content to just stay in the damn cab, it seemed like the end of the world. Kaidoh removed his hand, making Inui groan with impatience and disappointment.

Inui wasn’t sure how they managed to extricate themselves from the taxi, and couldn’t remember either of them paying the driver. But apparently they must have accomplished it somehow, because before he knew it they were dashing through the door of their apartment building and down the hall to the elevator, Inui temporarily re-buttoning his jeans. They paused to breathlessly kiss each other every few steps, unwilling to completely break contact for that long.

Before the elevator door had a chance to close completely, Inui pinned Kaidoh against the wall, pushing their bodies as close as they could get. He braced one hand against the wall, the other hand running down over the leather on Kaidoh’s torso. Kaidoh’s left hand came up to tangle itself in Inui’s hair, his right hand pulling Inui’s hips even closer. They thrust against one another until the pleasure was unbearable, tongues entangling without them really even being aware of what they were doing anymore.

Again the elevator chimed their arrival before either one was ready. They stayed for a minute longer that way, heedless of the open elevator door. Kaidoh glanced behind Inui, his eyes glazed and half-closed with lust. “Inui...” he murmured against Inui’s lips and tongue.

Inui reluctantly stopped what he was doing, and Kaidoh just as reluctantly let him do so. They ran together down this hallway as well until they stood outside their apartment door. Inui desperately tried to find the right key, almost dropping the key ring when Kaidoh leaned up to kiss and nibble lightly on his ear. It took him a couple tries before he found the correct key, although the key ring was very neatly organized.

They practically fell through the door together, not immediately inclined to leave the entryway. This time it was Kaidoh who backed Inui against the wall, leaning against the taller boy. Kaidoh bit softly on the side of Inui’s neck, just under his ear, in a way that was always guaranteed to drive the other wild.

Inui let out a sighing breath, all of his senses on fire. He felt around with one hand to find the fastener to Kaidoh’s leather pants, frustrated when his attempts were in vain. “How do you get these off?” he asked, voice low and demanding.

“Just...” Kaidoh left off his assault on Inui’s neck to aid him. Together they managed to ease the tight pants down, making Kaidoh hiss as they brushed against his erection. Inui felt a pleasant chill when he realized his earlier theory had been correct; Kaidoh was not wearing anything at all underneath.

“Inui,” Kaidoh whispered, his voice shaking a little as he reached down to unfasten the button on Inui’s jeans again.

Inui’s rational side reasserted itself for just a second. “Kaidoh,” he murmured in reply. “The lube is in the bedroom, we had better-” The rest of his words were lost in a kiss and they edged along the wall together, now unwilling to let go of each other for even long enough to reach their bedroom. Inui caught Kaidoh as he stumbled in the pants that weren’t quite all the way off. They stopped just long enough for Kaidoh to kick them and his shoes off, with an irritated hiss at the interruption.

They paused again outside the bedroom door as Kaidoh ran both hands up under Inui’s shirt, pulling the garment up, trying to get to the skin underneath. Inui ducked his head, helping to remove the t-shirt, desperately wanting more skin-on-skin himself.

They fell partway against the bedroom door, Inui sliding down as Kaidoh pinned him again, supporting both of their weight. “Ahhh,” he breathed, legs feeling very unsteady, and they were abruptly on the floor, Kaidoh on top of Inui. Kaidoh kissed his way along Inui’s collarbone, tongue darting out to lick, then biting gently.

Inui moaned and ran his right hand down along Kaidoh’s spine, the left hand going between them to stroke the other’s erection, using the precum that was there as a temporary lubricant. Kaidoh thrust into the touch with a sound that was almost a purr, bringing their hips together once again. Inui pushed back, his pelvis moving upward, feeling oh so close to the edge, wanting but not wanting to go over yet.

Kaidoh sat partway up, kneeling with his legs around Inui’s, so that he could slide Inui’s jeans off. Inui aided him, pulling off his shoes and tossing them to the side. The jeans soon followed the shoes, neither Kaidoh nor Inui caring where they landed.

“Just leave it on,” Inui murmured in Kaidoh’s ear when the other tried to remove the skintight leather shirt, making Kaidoh shiver violently and even blush a little. He could see that taking it off would take longer than he was willing to wait. He put his hands on his lover’s hips and pulled Kaidoh back down and against him, realizing that they were not going to make it to the bed.

They were probably not even going to make it to the proper lubrication, he thought dimly as their hips ground together, sending the most wonderful wave of pleasure through him. They would regret this later when they were sore, but right now there was nothing else either of them could think about except the movement and the friction and just the feeling of being so close together.

Inui could see Kaidoh bite back a cry as he thrust downward against Inui’s hips. Inui let out a breathy sigh of his own as their rhythm grew more intense, the pace faster and frantic as they pushed and pushed back, rubbing against one another.

Kaidoh came first by just a bare second, arching with his eyes closed and head back, crying “Sadaharu!” Just that use of that name, so rarely heard from his lover, was enough to send Inui over the edge as well. In combination with the entrancing sight of him, though, it was pure and total ecstasy.

Inui’s arms went up around Kaidoh’s neck, pulling him down for a rough kiss, his cry of “Kaoru-!” going through both of them as their mouths pressed together hungrily.

They were both breathing hard as they kept kissing, bodies still pressed close together. Inui briefly realized, to his chagrin, that the floor was now something of a mess, but he was distracted enough to ignore it for the moment.

“Kaidoh,” he murmured, running a finger delicately over the leather shirt and feeling the other tremble through his whole body. “If you continue wearing outfits of that type, there is a one hundred percent chance that we will never manage to spend an entire evening out...”

Kaidoh took in a breath, blushing, then leaning to kiss Inui again, gently, moving down his jawbone and making Inui think that their evening wasn’t over yet. Kaidoh whispered, his lips moving against Inui’s throat, “I’ll wear it more often, then.”

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