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Happy Birthday Chibi!!!!

Okay, here's a drabble that I wrote at...6 AM...last...night? Last morning? Something like that...
I seem to recall that Chibi wanted me to post the p0rn drabbles I write really late at night, so, for her birthday, I'll let her read one. I have like a hundred of them... *coughandseewhytheyshouldnotbepostedcough*

Title: Sunday Mornings
Author: Kish (who had little to no sleep when writing this...)
Rating: Um...R? I guess? I dunno.

Sunday mornings were Inui Sadaharu’s favorite part of the week. Oh, it wasn’t as though he disliked the rest of the days, but there was just something...special...about Sunday mornings. There were some things that happened on Sundays that just didn’t happen on other mornings...

For instance, on any other morning, Kaidoh wouldn’t wake him up by giving him a blow job in that hesitant, almost painfully sexy way of his, using lips and tongue to just barely caress, holding Inui’s hips down so he couldn’t thrust upwards. On any other morning Kaidoh would be too worried about being late to their college classes or to work to do that with his tongue and his soft warm teasing breath until Inui begged him, pleaded with him to just finish him, dammit...

On any other morning they would not shower together, because that would surely make them late for class and their jobs. On any other morning, they certainly would not stumble to the bathroom, tongues and limbs entangled, just barely managing to undress each other properly before turning on the shower. They definitely would not discover an alternate use for hair conditioner, having forgotten to buy more waterproof lube the day before...

On any other morning they would shower quickly, separately. They would not let the water get lukewarm as Kaidoh braced himself against the wall with his arms, crying out Oh god, Sadaharu, harder! with his eyes closed, head thrown back as Inui drove into him from behind, reaching around to stroke Kaidoh at the same time...

On any other morning, they would leave the house after eating a quick breakfast and exchanging an affectionate kiss good-bye. Inui would not be able to carry Kaidoh back to the bedroom (to test the resiliency and endurance of their mattress), to the living room (to further stain the couch cushions) or to the kitchen (generally not to eat but to make interesting use of the chairs, table, and assorted counters)...

And on any other day, morning would not extend well past five o’clock PM... Yes, Inui Sadaharu truly loved Sunday mornings.

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