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Another Drabble...thing

Okay, okay, okay, I'm posting another one. Satisfied, people? I can say that this particular drabble is entirely M's fault. *points accusingly at M* I wrote this right after the comment about...never mind, you'll see. Sorry, I was going to post something last night, but...I ended up sleeping on a park bench...don't even ask.

Title: Mating Habits
Author: Kish (who must have been on crack or something o.O)
Rating: PG-13? R-ish? Something like that.
Notes: Like the other one, taken straight from the pages of my notebook. No editing, no beta-ing, just crap-ness. So read at your own risk! You've been warned!

“Inui-senpai...we...can’t do this here...” Kaidoh’s voice came out in a strangled whisper, followed by an involuntary moan as Inui failed to take his advice about stopping.

“No? Why not?” Inui asked, looking perfectly innocent as though one hand was not down the front of his companion’s jeans.

“Someone will...” Kaidoh gasped and his back arched, and Inui grinned.

“Don’t worry,” Inui murmured, glancing for a moment at the glass tanks surrounding them. “This building is fifteen percent more humid than outdoors, and on a day like this...” his smile grew wider. “It is not likely someone will interrupt us.”


The assistant keeper of the zoo’s reptile house had just begun talking to a group of tourists who seemed interested in visiting the building. “We recently acquired a pair of vipers from West Africa,” she explained to them. “We hope to get them used to their new surroundings, and hopefully we will be able to observe their mating habits in captivity.”

“Can we still go in?” asked one kid in the front of the group. “I mean, it won’t disturb them or anything?”

The keeper smiled at him. “No, I think you can still go in. Let me just check first to make sure that there’s nothing going on.” She pushed open the glass doors, going from the heat of the summer day to the even fiercer heat of the reptile house.

There were quiet sounds, soft voices and then a muffled thud, coming from the far corner of the building, and she raised an eyebrow. Possibly some of the snakes were being moved? But she was fairly certain the head keeper would have told her about that.

She made her way past the rows of tanks, some built into the walls and some free-standing, that were obscuring her line of vision. If this was kids playing some kind of prank again...

But then she rounded a corner, getting to a better vantage point, and she became abruptly aware of what was really going on.

Two boys were standing there, between the viper tank and the larger anaconda enclosure. The taller one had the other pinned against the wall, and...oh my... The assistant keeper froze to the spot.

Neither of them were completely undressed, but it was obvious what they were doing, grinding hips together hard, kissing, jeans unfastened, letting out soft moans and whispers. The shorter boy, the one wearing a bandana, had the other’s shirt pulled halfway up, hands sliding roughly down the other’s back. His eyes closed and he said, loudly enough for her to hear, “Oh, fuck, yes! Ahhhhh...”

She didn’t stick around to hear the other boy’s response. She hastily fled the building as silently as she was able, to explain breathlessly to the tourists that no, they could not visit the reptile house at the moment, stammering out an explanation involving dead mice and an accident with one of the tanks.

The assistant reptile house keeper would never know that she had just managed to witness the very thing the zoo keepers had been hoping to see: the mating habits of the viper.

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