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Untitled drabble...thing

Okay, okay, okay, here's another drabble...I might post yet another one later, if I feel like it. Maybe.

Title: Untitled
Author: Kish
Rating: PG...?
Note: Oh hell, I have no idea what I was thinking with this. >_< Just...ignore it, and maybe it'll go away.

Just imagine your audience in their underwear. Kaidoh remembered the words of his speech class teacher as he got ready to begin his presentation.

Apparently, his speech teacher had never tried to practice a talk in front of her boyfriend. Kaidoh tried to suppress a hiss of frustration. His problem, at the moment, was that he couldn’t stop imagining his audience in his underwear...boxers, to be precise. Black ones, possibly made of silk. Definitely something nice and smooth that just begged to be touched.

Inui Sadaharu, the aforementioned audience, was sitting on the edge of his bed waiting for Kaidoh to start his speech. He was looking perfectly innocent; there was nothing to suggest that he was even trying to make Kaidoh think those kind of thoughts. He watched Kaidoh expectantly for another minute, then cleared his throat. “Kaidoh, is there anything wrong?”

Just start talking, Kaidoh ordered himself firmly, trying not to pay attention to the image in his head, one of Inui...with no shirt...just asking for a hand to be run up his muscular chest...or possibly a tongue instead of a hand, Kaidoh mused, staring at Inui and only just then registering that he’d asked a question. “Ah!...no, there’s nothing wrong...”

Inui nodded but looked vaguely suspicious. No, of course there isn’t anything wrong, Kaidoh thought to himself. Except, of course, for the fact that he couldn’t exactly remember the topic of his presentation.

Kaidoh looked down, hoping to compose himself enough to just practice the damn speech and get it over with. Unfortunately, in looking down, his gaze had to travel over Inui’s legs which were, in his imagination, just as bare as his chest.

“Ah, Kaidoh?” Inui sounded concerned, and Kaidoh tried to force his gaze back upwards, but his gaze simply wouldn’t travel quite far enough. And the Inui in his imagination wasn’t behaving quite so politely as the one in real life.

Kaidoh could feel his face flushing as the Inui in his head ran a hand from his thigh up to his hip, ever so slowly. He slid one thumb under the waistband of that black silky-looking underwear and pulled, and the boxers slipped down until...

Kaidoh blinked; Inui in real life interrupted his thoughts by starting to stand up. “Kaidoh, are you-” he began, a look of genuine worry on his face.

Kaidoh abruptly realized that there was no way he was going to be able to practice this speech in front of Inui. Inui’s statement was suddenly cut off as Kaidoh tackled him backwards onto the bed.

As Kaidoh kissed a startled but willing Inui, his rational side protested. You’re supposed to be practicing for your class tomorrow, remember?

Kaidoh’s right hand wandered down to undo the button on Inui’s jeans, drawing a surprised-but-pleased gasp from the other. Well, he told his rational side, if it’s a good thing to imagine the audience in their underwear...isn’t it even better if they’re actually wearing only that...?

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